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Renting services with a variety of vehicles

The “Guanshan Resort,” located on the No.9 highway, and 1.8 km away from Guanshan train station, is across the flower garden scenery area of “Rice Nation School.” When it comes to spring, all you can see is colorful flowers. The owner of the resort used an idle land that used to be a car repairmen factory, and turned it into a comfortable resort, open in 2014. The public area of the resort adopted mostly simple and elegant wooden decorations, it is spacious and comfortable. As for our rooms, they are decorated in different themes based on cute and popular characters. These rooms are especially welcomed by young people. Furthermore, the character’s name is also the names for the guests to rent a car.

Different from other B&Bs, at here they provide guests car renting services. Every guest living in our B&B may have a special price for renting cars, scooters or bikes. On top of that, the vehicles they provide here are not only ordinary cars but also lovely mini jeeps. The mini jeeps can fulfill your communication needs and give you a special cool experience.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Guanshan Resort|TaiwanDay