Jiufen and Jingushi – Journey into the past

1-Day Group Tour

This Jiufen and Jinguashi 1-Day Group Tour will take you to Shifen Waterfall which is the most famous waterfall in Taiwan, and is often dubbed as “the Niagara Falls of Taiwan.” Next, we are going to launch a floating lantern at Pingxi Station and lunch dining at Shiyang Culture Restaurant which offers no-menu dishes to provide the freshest food for customers. And then, we are going to discover the mystery of gold mining with rich historical, cultural and natural resources at Gold Museum. After that, Immerse yourself in the unique mountain-town atmosphere of Jiufen Old Street. Finally, have a dinner at Kunohe Teahouse where you can feast on Taiwanese cuisine and enjoy the pretty night views of Jiufen.

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Photos of attractions and restaurants are for reference only.

Day 1

Shifen Waterfall –  The Gold Museum – Jiufen Old Street

08:00 Gather up at Exit no.2 of Taipei Metro Zhongxiao Fuxing Station.
08:40 Enjoy a delicious breakfast on board.
09:30 Visit Shifen Waterfall with a local guide.

10:30 Arrived at Pingxi Station and launch a floating lantern here.
12:15 Lunch at Shiyang Culture Restaurant.

15:30 Visit The Gold Museum and Benshan No.5 Tunnel.

16:45  Walk around Jiufen Old Street with a local guide.

18:00 Dinner: Kunohe Teahouse.
20:00 Arrived at Taipei and end of this tour.

Video Introduction

Check more video about the Old Town Jiufen Tour!

Dates and Prices

An amount of Lowest vacationer for each trip is 20 persons.


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Detail and Information

● Insurance is included.
● visa fee and flight fee are not included.
● If you have any special request (such as do not eat meat etc.) Please feel free to tell us.


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This Jiufen trip was awesome! Shifen Waterfall is really beautiful, and Shiyang Restaurant is one of the best dinings I have ever had! Launching a floating lantern is really interesting, and Jiufen night view is really stunning!