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Location Advantage: 10 min to an Urban District

Of the vantage of ocean and mountain views, Green Home Beauty is just 10-min drive from the urban area. While in absence of a deliberate exotic appearance, from its ceramic tiles to lamp accessories, a rich sense of design is apparent. The stalactite imitation fireplace in the sitting room is magnificent; the bow and arrows of indigenous people beside correspond to the bent-blade keyring in the room. Open kitchen with extensive ambient light is clean, neat, and tidy despite daily use; layout of long dining table, settee and small bar plus three French windows, resembles the sets in magazines, frequently engaging guests shooting photos.

From a Lover of Tourism: Hualien Tops the List

The full name of A-Hui Jie, the owner of home stay, is Shi, Mei-Hui. Before retirement, A-Hui Jie and her husband, Lian, Kun-Yong, secure every opportunity to travel abroad. Following the opening of home stay, they still spare themselves one month on leave every year to refresh up. A-Hui Jie, self-describing as a�?a fan of playfulnessa�?, is always generous in travel spending. Her narration of glacier tour in Croatia or hot air ballooning at Cappadocia in Turkey is lively and fascinating. Once noticing towels being folded in animal shapes at a hotel in Egypt, she borrows and applies the same idea to feature her own home stay. Already bucket-listing a plan for the South Pole, A-Hui Jie laughs, a�?I have been to so many destinations, and among which Hualien is the best to settle in.a�?

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Green Home Beautyi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Green Home Beautyi??TaiwanDay

A-Hui Jie and her husband first work in BES Engineering Co. in Hualien. Later, her husband is posted away to Taipei for railway underground project, and the family relocates to Taipei with him. Contrast to their unending busy work in Taipei, at every time staying at her parentsa�� house in Hualien, A-Hui Jie and her husband, looking at neighboring indigenous farm produce stallholders drinking millet wine, chitchatting, and enjoying themselves, recognize the conflicting quality between lives and emerges the idea to relocate to Hualien upon retirement. Introduced by a friend, they choose this seaside place in sight of both sea and sunrise; their original plan for it is a residence for own use, without intention to run a home stay, which explains the reason why the whole building can only accommodate four groups of guests. Each room has a bedroom, sitting room, and a spacious bathroom occupying nearly half of area of the room. a�?In Taipei, the squeeze is here, there and everywhere, but in Hualien, we want things to be let outa�?.

a�?The decoration cost alone suffices us to buy a house in Hualien.a�? In search of desirable furniture, besides foreign magazines, A-Hui Jie and her husband visit all over Neihu, Sijhih, and Wugu; though going over their budget, A-Hui Jie says, a�?Right here there is sun, sea, and air that a billion-dollar luxury house cannot parallel with. Since moving here, I am fascinated by the sunrise. The light of morning sun pouring into an open kitchen is especially delightful.a�?

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Green Home Beautyi??TaiwanDay