Grand View Resort

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Immerse in incredible scenery

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Such a luxurious resort

Where to find a five-star resort? Located at the foot of Alishan Mountain, Grand View Resort was open in 2016. The chairman is a local resident. He thought lots of visitors traveled around the well-known tourist attraction, Alishan Mountain, but did not have a chance to see the beauty of this city, Chiayi. Thus, he spent about 5 billion dollars to build this splendid resort. Standing on the terrace of an accommodation room, guests will have a view of the spacious, evergreen golf course, as well as beautiful Chiayi skyline.

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This resort is usually shrouded in cloud and mist and thus boasts fantastic scenery, so the owner decided to name it Grand View Resort. To maintain high-quality services and overall environment, only individual or small group of travelers could make a reservation. The owner hopes that every guest could indulge in the kind of tranquility and wonders this resort brings.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Grand View Resorti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Grand View Resorti??TaiwanDay

Driving away from the city center for about 30 minutes, visitors will see this gorgeous resort. There are totally three grand buildings. The high ceiling hall and a limited Harley-Davidson motorcycle set a warm welcome for every visitor. A driving range is open on the top floor for those golf lovers. Besides that, making some exercise at the gym or playing air hockey is also available. In the future, there may be a swimming pool for parents and children to have a great time. If you want to enjoy a panorama of this beautiful city, then a scenic coffee store at the top floor is a must go. Have a cup of great coffee while gentle breeze kissing your face. What a leisure day!

Specially-made beds

Every accommodation room has comprehensive facilities, such as a 42-inch LCD TV, a bedside stereo system, and an electronic toilet set. As a former orthopedic surgeon, the owner furnished those rooms with custom-made lounge chairs and beds, for giving guests a comfortable and relaxing night. Moreover, decorated with ceiling windows, the Scenic Set is full of nature light. Standing on the terrace, guests will be delighted by the breathtaking sunset.

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