Be part of nature

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Taiwan Travel : Hotel - GODISLANDi??TaiwanDay

The a�?GODISLANDa�? was built by the host with his own hand. Since the host used to do interior design, the minimalism outlook design building looks as if it is floating on the surface of the water. The clear and fashionable original color of exposed concrete shows the simple and authentic layers and lines of the walls without any decorations. With elements such as the sunshine, water, green trees and fields, we design a transparent glass wall and balcony that people can have a close contact with nature. By experiencing a delicate sense of purity, this is the place for your mind and soul to run wild without any burden.

Enjoy the beauty of simple purity

When staying here, you will soon be a part of nature and greenness. Here we are close to the Dongshan River Forest Park and Dongshan bicycle trail, those are just like a garden for you to relax and take a walk. Listen to the sound of birds, frogs and passing trains. These are the music chapters especially played just for you. Take a slow walk or stay blankly at the wooden trail near the pond, you may take a deep breath and feel the extreme fresh Phytoncide deep into your lungs. This is what the vacation atmosphere should have. Come and slow down your traveling steps, let the stars of all sky lighten your heart and release all the sensations. Let us enjoy and stayed touched with that innocent heartbeat and appreciate a delightful vacation dancing in nature!

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - GODISLANDi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - GODISLANDi??TaiwanDay

Independent balcony and a space of your own

Our exquisite rooms are decorated with dots from a variety of colors. By doing so, these dots give some cheerfulness to this simple original color space. Also, it brings some cozy and warm atmosphere to the room. The rooms are all accompanied with delicate sofas. The simple settings here are creating an introverted style. Each room has their own independent transparent balcony. This is not only the biggest feature of our rooms but also the place that our guests love the most. Our guests usually spend a long time on the balcony reading, looking at the scenery, chatting or even doing nothing. The balcony is the place you can easily addict to it. Everyone here would definitely wish that the time can just stop so they can stay here forever.

Fresh and healthy breakfast

Healthy western style breakfast and apple salad made by the host is pretty tasty and fresh. You may choose to have your meal at the big wooden table on the ground floor, enjoy your meal as well as chatting with travelers from all places. Or you may ask for room service, slowly having your meal with friends and families on your own private room balcony. It all depends on you since freedom, ease and relaxation are the true meaning of vocations!

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - GODISLANDi??TaiwanDay