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Green construction, easy lifestyle

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From fish farm to holiday paradise

Take a right turn off the Provincial Highway 17 at Dapeng Road, you will shortly find the FuWan Chocolate Resort. The surroundings are mostly fish farms and country villages, showing little sign that a beautiful hostel hides within. As soon as you arrive at the villa however, it feels like a totally different world. The veteran CEO passionately introduced the history of Fuwan to me, explaining how it started off as an abandoned fish farm, filled up with soil, and then spent two years constructing the current green building after a whole year making the bricks.

They managed to decrease the pollution to the environment to the most. There are many ecological pool at the villa, combining architecture to nature. Another five years were spent to plant trees around the villa. The insistence on ecological engineering and green construction was for one purpose only: a villa that weathers through time, a lifestyle rooted locally. Strolling around the villa feels like walking into the nature. The tranquility and relaxation washes off all burdens and worries.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - FuWan Chocolate Resorti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - FuWan Chocolate Resorti??TaiwanDay

Top attraction: the honeymoon villa

The honeymoon villa is designed to be a a�?Design Villaa�?: comfortable, relaxing, and meet human needs. Adding on to the color of the theme, white, is the surroundings, such as the fish farm and the mangrove. The configuration brings in a Bali-style concept, placing the kitchen and living room in the arbor, making it the center of activities. The eaves are brought low for shade, the rooftop are covered with peddles for heat dissipation, both of which are ecological engineering. A double-skin roof system effectively brings down the room temperature to 27 degree Celsius or below by allowing the air to flow naturally through the roofs.

The Fu Wan Chocolate handcrafted BEAN-TO-BAR chocolates combined with local Taiwanese ingredients, are made by the leadership of the first international chocolate taster of Taiwan and awarded by the International Chocolate Awards in 2017 with 5 golds, 2 silvers & 1 bronze. The producing process of cacao beans is operated from April to December every year here, including pod-breaking, fermentation, drying, roasting, and grinding. Please enjoy Fu Wan award-winning chocolates, experiencing the making of chocolate, and also our fusion chocolate cuisines. A unique cacao tour, including visiting cacao farms and a tasting course, is available by appointment.

Official website a�� https://www.fuwanshop.com

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - FuWan Chocolate Resorti??TaiwanDay