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Fun for parents and children!

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Parents worry not, as children enjoy the fun

Fullon Hotel Yamay combines the concept of hotel to theme parks, making it a place for parents and children to stay as well as have fun. There are many play equipments aim for children, such as dynamic playrooms, 3D play rooms, childrena��s pools, as well as reading areas, lego and toysa�� area. The goal is for parents to totally relax during vacation, while children of all ages can find suitable play areas. The facilities in the hotel have been especially designed with nurseries, parents & children jointmrestrooms, as well as free baby cars and beds for rent. It is hoped that visitors can feel relaxed and cared for during their fun together.

To make it more convenient for costumers to visit Lihpao Land, there is a path connecting Mala Bay – its water amusement park, as well as its main theme park on land, from the hotel. The hotel also offers a special package trip, with which visitors may enjoy Lihpao Land for entire two days! No need to rush and hurry anymore! Take your time and enjoy your parent-children time!

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Fullon Hotel Yamayi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Fullon Hotel Yamayi??TaiwanDay

Spacious rooms, upgraded comfort

As the hotel is designed for families, the space of the guest rooms has been especially enlarged. Family rooms measure at least 47 square meters each. Unlike regular hotel rooms, it is spacious and comfortable, suitable for more private activities. Moreover, there are multiple room types to choose from, including all- western or Japanese, all fashionable and designed with the concept of Zen. The comfortable living conditions allow families the upmost joy.