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The love boat

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Fullon Hotels & Resorts (Tamsui fishermen-wharf)a��TaiwanDay

A giant cruise liner

Coming to the hotel by boat or by land, you cannot miss Fullon Tamsui Fishermen-wharf Hotel, as it is constructed in a shape like a giant cruise liner. This is why people call it the Fullon Love Boat. Accompanying the hotel on its side is the Lovera��s Tower, where guests can enjoy a 360-degree view of the harbor. At the entrance to the tower is a heart-shaped installation art which is another tourist hotspot for pictures. The ceiling lobby and luxurious crystal chandelier create a rich vacation mood for whoever enters the hotel.

Guest rooms with magnificent view

There are 9 types and 198 guest rooms to accommodate the needs of all guests. Some rooms face the mountain while others face the sea. Staying in the sea view family suite, you will be inspired by the magnificent scenery of the Guang Yin Mountain and the Tamsui River as they come across each other outside your windows. The sea view honeymoon suite is designed with a simple and elegant Japanese style, where new love birds will be immersed in the romantic atmosphere in the rooms. As for the 138 square-meters Fullon suite, it is located at some of the top floors where guests may overlook Tamsui River and the surrounding of the hotel.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Fullon Hotels & Resorts (Tamsui fishermen-wharf)a��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Fullon Hotels & Resorts (Tamsui fishermen-wharf)a��TaiwanDay

All that you can eat!

Located on the second floor, the Arcadia CafA� offers fine scenery of Guan Yin Mountain and Tamsui River for its guests as they dive into luxurious gourmet. The chef is born and raised locally in Tamsui. Having 27 years of experience, he handpicks seasonal and local high-quality ingredients to use for the buffet. Moreover, there is fresh seafood delivered from the port, imported salmon and Japanese ingredients only available by reservation.

Master A-Ji Dimsum Restaurant

Master A-Ji Dimsum Restaurants offers traditional and authentic Hong Kong cuisine. Its roasted duck dish is juicy and soft as it uses Yilan cherry duck and chicken, cooked with spices. For pork dishes, the best quality peek is chosen by the chef. Fried with chefa��s special sauce, it is crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. Rice noodle rolls with shrimps are made with fresh Yilan white shrimp, sweet and refreshing. Salmon dumplings with parsley are another creative culinary which the chef brings out the flavors of salmon by mixing the meat with parsley. Each and every dish contains the chefa��s upmost love for gourmet and care for his guests. The price is reasonable, and whata��s more exciting is that the dishes are served with the traditional way a�� on food carts!

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Fullon Hotels & Resorts (Tamsui fishermen-wharf)a��TaiwanDay