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Green buildings filled with a nostalgic touch

The Place Yilan is located inside the complex of the National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) and is established with the mission to help preserve and promote folk arts and crafts. The buildings are designed by renowned architect Sheng-Yuan Huang, featuring cast-in-place concrete, terrazzo floor, red brick walls and roofing tiles, limestone eaves, wood and lots of clear glass. All the features combined to create a matching atmosphere with the surrounding ecological pond and green plantations.

Inside, guests can enjoy the abundant natural light while gazing at views out the window. Outside, there is a beautiful garden, ponds and a winding bridge. Just a short walk away is the NCFTA area. Guests can spend their time in the NCFTA for a variety of fun activities, such as watching traditional opera performances, exploring the century-old Scholar Huanga��s Residence, strolling down the streets lined with shops, DIYing crafts, and toys, savoring Taiwanese snack foods, etc. The Place Yilan is a great pick during your nostalgic trip in Yilan!

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - The Place Yilani??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - The Place Yilani??TaiwanDay

Spacious Family Room

The buildings of The Place Yilan are inspired by old Taiwanese architectural styles. A comfortable and rustic ambiance is created with wood sliding doors, latticed windows, elevated houses, and overlapping or staggered stairs. All rooms in The Place Yilan are family-friendly. Some room types even have bunk beds, which are popular among young guests. The vaulted ceiling gives an airy feel, allowing family guests to enjoy a sense of spaciousness. You may stay here with friends and feel how life was like decades back when people kept close relationships with their neighbors and stopped by each other for a chat. A�

Breakfast hours: 07:00 a�� 10:00

Breakfast is served either buffet or set menu style, featuring Chinese style breakfast with local specialty side dishes, seasonal veggies and fruits, and freshly prepared congee. Start your day off with homey and tasty Yilan breakfast.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - The Place Yilani??TaiwanDay