Focaccia CafA� & Homestay

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Relax and enjoy Focacciaa��s happiness.

Overall environment a?�a?�a?�a?�
Lodging environment a?�a?�a?�a?�
Service a?�a?�a?�a?�
Food and beverages a?�a?�a?�a?�

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A getaway in the middle of a rice field

Focaccia CafA� & Homestay is located in the middle of a rice field near famous tourist spots like Shih Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort and Villa Home, and enjoys panoramic views of the Central and Coastal Mountain Ranges. This area was a Japanese era immigration village. Focaccia owner Daxiong chose this property to make his dream a reality. Here Daxiong planted bald cypress and white hibiscus around this property where he takes care of everything from gardening to housekeeping. Watering the garden alonemtakes half the day. Behind the vaulted corridor is a one-story building with a five-meter- high ceiling, with no showy interior dA�cor, but instead a warm, well-lit, and lovely atmosphere. Poet Chen Ke-huaa��s prize-winning paintings are hung on the wall. After nightfall, you may be able to see a starry sky. Dona��t forget to take a look at the handcrafted Italian glass lamps on the corridor, which project a phoenix with wings spread wide.

Good food and sleep matter!

In contrast to hostels that are operated like hotels, Focaccia is small enough to have service with a personal touch. a�?(We operate) like a B&B. Foods and beds are most important. In other words, what guests want is a clean environment and tasty food.a�? This property was originally meant for the ownersa�� personal use, with rooms styled after country farmhouses. Guests can get a good nighta��s sleep on the comfortable mattress, which cost more than 60 thousand Taiwan dollars. The lighting and wall dA�cor were handpicked to complement the interior. Chef K2 says he finally decided on the lighting after choosing from nearly 30 thousand lamps! Adding a classy touch to the setting, one room uses lamps with scalloped shades and the other uses lamps with lace.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Focaccia CafA� & Homestayi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Focaccia CafA� & Homestayi??TaiwanDay

Guests as friends.

Focaccia owner Daxiong held a career in finance until he passed out twice due to overwork. Leaving the million job, he began an organic farming operation in Hualien. For Daxiong, retirement means a chance to live a dream, and vacationing does not necessarily mean going out. He treats guests as friends and stresses that soft power lies in the heart of Focaccia.

High standards for food.

Focaccia is picky about food. Chef K2 takes care of all the freshly prepared foods served here. Youa��ll be touched when seeing him knead the dough and carefully use fresh fruits to flavor it.

Breakfast hours: 07:30 – 09:00
Focacciaa��s breakfast is much discussed on the internet and is often the reason people come to stay. Breakfast items vary depending on the guestsa�� length of stay. Seven items are served on a three tier tray and prepared using seasonal produce. Items include veggie salad, cherry chocolate sundae, honeyed fruits, focaccia pizza, authentic Chawanmushi, omelets, and carrot bread sandwiches. Each breakfast is hearty and packed with nutrients. Lucky guests may have a chance to savor Focacciaa��s apple rose tart, which is made from fresh apples, vanilla custard, and a walnut crust. This dessert is as yummy as it is beautiful.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Focaccia CafA� & Homestayi??TaiwanDay