Flower-Happiness Manor

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Splendid architecture

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Lodging environment a?�a?�a?�a?�
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The manor is located in Gian, a town in Taiwan which is very close to East Raft Valley and to the city center where you can find local food there. When entering this manor, you can see a yellow double layer building surrounded by a big patch of grass, a clear pond directing from mountain water with different kinds of fish swimming in it, a white piano and bushes of the flower. The beautiful landscape not only attracts customers to stop by but also is a popular spot for wedding shoots. In average, there are about over 20 couples come to the manor to propose a year. If you come with your family or friends, do not worry that you cannot find a restaurant big enough to accommodate you all. The manor has a barbecue area that can sit at least 15 people. Just remember to make an order before you come. You can also borrow a bicycle from the manor for free and go to the nearby temple Qing Xiu Yuan, a level 3 historical site, to enjoy the wonderful scenery in it.

The family of the manora��s owner A-Wang runs the famous Chia Hsing ice shop in the local area. If you are lucky enough, you might have the chance to dink their most famous lemon juice. Before opening Flower-Happiness manor, A-Wang had worked as a hotel manager for 4 years. After having his own business, he took up all the things from garden maintenance to managing customers. His wife Shan Shan originally worked in a 5-star hotel. From her point of view, the difference between running a hotel and B&B is that you can get closer to people. Although they have never been to Europe, they drew sketches of a manor of south France style for their architect to build the manor. Shan Shan is also very talented. She is a C level cook, knows how to make pottery and make dolls with socks. Customers can order in advance to get their one of the kind DIY souvenirs.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Flower-Happiness Manori??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Flower-Happiness Manori??TaiwanDay

Romantic honeymoon suite

a�?Rose token in each room is different,a�? says Shan Shan. The style of each room was mainly designed for women. The most popular room a�?Honeymoon Suitea�? looks like a villa. It covers 82 aZ?. You can cook in your private kitchen or call for room service. The rose tiles and oval bathtub are romantic and classic. There are motorized shades in the bathroom so you can enjoy the view outside of the house with just a click. The most popular room for a family is Room Country 4, with private entrance, exit, and balcony. The wooden floor and bamboo chairs are always clean. Customers can relax and enjoy their time in the room.

Breakfast Time 14:00~16:30

The bright lobby is also the dining area. If you go to this manor, you dona��t have to buy local food by yourself. During afternoon tea time, you can taste all kinds of food including tiramisu, Hualien potatoes, jerkies with fresh coffee or tea while looking out at the beautiful scenery to wash down all your weariness in the afternoon.

Breakfast time: 08:00~10:30

To let customers taste different flavors of breakfast, A Wang is not only the owner but also a good chef, who cooks breakfast of Eastern and Western style in turns. There are up to 7 dishes each time with seasonal fruits. Customers can refill soup and beverages. What a wonderful start of a day!

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Flower-Happiness Manori??TaiwanDay