Afternoon tea time at the seaside

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While having afternoon tea at Taitung seaside, Shanyuan is the closest point you can choose to near the beach. a�?Little Fish Kitchena�? is located in Shanyuan-Fushan Fish Reserve area. The shop owner often came here to feed fish when she was little. Hence, she called her shop a�?Little Fisha�? when she started a B&B. Little Fish Kitchen has the first line sea view in Shanyuan with hills behind, rows of coconut palms, a vast expanse of sea, sand and reef rocks. These views are quite similar to Ping-E Highway in Kenting with the same tropical zeal. In order to allow guests to go to the beachside, Little Fish Kitchen particularly built stairs for them and set a wooden pallet platform along with the seaside for its coffee shop so that most seats are in the first line with sea views. Its kitchen and dining tables are all made of natural wood to match the surrounds in addition to creating a delicate garden covered with grass, flowers and trees, which makes visitors feel like spending the holidays abroad. Apart from having a great food, stunning views, the best part here is to go swimming, build sandcastles at the beach, feed fish in the intertidal zone and chase hermit crabs. Little Fish Kitchen even thoughtfully offers a shower room for guests to shower and change their clothes.

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Various meal options and attractive latte arts

We cana��t help saying that food in Little Fish Kitchen is great. There are various options provided with reasonable price. Apart from light meals, quick meals, desserts, all kinds of drinks and handmade bread and biscuits, they even made their own jam from seasonal fruits. Want some coffee? They not only offer single origin pour-over coffee, but latte with attractive latte arts on top, like fishes, swans, etc. Yet, those latte arts are too cute to drink! In addition, you wona��t want to miss their lovely cats by seeing them playing around or sleeping on the pallet lazily. Such leisure views become the best part of your holidays.

Recommended foods

Macaron (NT$40): There are 6 flavors of macaron, including strawberry, caramel, earl gray, chocolate, red Wulong and Osmanthus lemon, which all made by a�?Amedaya,a�? a local bakery in Taitung. Their rich flavours and soft, sweet texture are perfectly matched with tea or sugar-free coffee.

Smoked Ham & Cheese (NT$80): A big portion comes with crispy crusts on the top, added sliced cheese, smoked ham, a slice of lettuce, and tomato. Havena��t eaten lunch? Come and get one!

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Little Fish Kitcheni??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Little Fish Kitcheni??TaiwanDay

Braised Bean Curd (NT$50): The storea��s specialty is their homemade braised bean curd. It tastes soft andsavory, which makes people feel fulfilled when you have a bite and feel soup overflowed. It is also the best a�?partnera�? for beer!

A Bai (NT$50): A traditional dish for almost all indigenous tribes. It is similar to Zongzi rice dumplings, but with different names. In the past, indigenous people held Harvest Rituals to celebrate the harvest of millet and prepared A Bai to worship. Wrap millet and pork fillings with Liavilu leaves and wrap again with Shell Ginger leaves, and then put it to boil. While it is ready to eat, just unwrap the Shell Ginger leaves. Little Fish Kitchen has 2 flavors of millet and black rice.

Ginger Mike Tea (NT$80): The shop owner has her own recipe to boil ginger with rich milk together. Without any spicy ginger flavor, it becomes the most popular winter drink.

Roselle Tea (NT$80): Roselle tea is made from Roselle flower, Taitunga��s specialty. With a sweet-sour taste! No matter cold or hot, it is all delicious.