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Recommended on Media and Winning the Celebritiesa��Favor

Will you purposely dine in the bed and breakfast? Thata��s right. Located by the Ita Thao Lake, Full House, a stone pathway leading up to, is a log lodge with a huge European garden, with strong individual color. The lodge is also shaded by three tall Madagascar Almond trees. Thus, it is easy to attract passersbysa�� eyes. Guests like to talk about its creative fruit cuisine, which is reported in many media and draws celebritiesa��eyes.

The European garden covers an area of 300 to 400 pings. The interior design features strong exotic style in harmony with Chinese classic beauty. In addition, the arrangement of all types of fruit in the space is like installation art and the room also gives off aromatic fruit smell. Speaking of this, the owner, Lin Yi-Ren, laughed and said, a�?His wife was in charge of all the interior space arrangement and she insisted on using natural fruit not chemosynthesis essence as air freshener.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Full House Seasonal Fruit Cuisinei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Full House Seasonal Fruit Cuisinei??TaiwanDay

Fruit in Dish

Speaking of the origin of fruit cuisine, the owner explained that he didna��t mean to settle here in the beginning. In 1992, the couple came here and decided to settle here without any hesitation. This was originally the best place for them to display their collection of artwork. Because the ownera��s wife didna��t like fake painting, she started learning to paint without any teachers. Therefore, the paintings in Full House are of her. She stopped painting till the 921 earthquake in 1999. From then on, she turned to develop cuisine. This is the reason why the health-oriented fruit cuisine was invented. Now the delicious cuisine goes well with the gorgeous scenery. The boss laughed and said he was rich by his mind.

They select seasonal fruit along with local specialties like mushrooms, President Fish and Alianthus PricklyAsh as the ingredients. As cooking, add little oil and salt to reveal the natural sweetness and fragrance of fruit. In doing so, the natural fruit flavor will perfectly blend with the other ingredients. The feature makes Full House sensational and also draws many media to report it. In The November 2007 issue of National Geographic Magazine, the reporter Jayne said, a�?Each subsequent course surpasses the previous one.a�?

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Full House Seasonal Fruit Cuisinei??TaiwanDay