Beauty shrouded in mist

Midway of the Alishan Forest Railway

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Located at an altitude of 1,400 meters, Fenchihu is actually not a lake. (Hu means lake in Chinese.) Surrounded by mountains, this place looks like Fenchi, meaning dustpan in Chinese, and shrouded in mist, so people name it Fenchihu. As the midway point of Alishan Mountain Railway, it is also the intersection of Alishan higHway, Dahua Highway, and 169 County Road. This was where the old steam trains changed to locomotives and now a popular tourist attraction famous for the old street, railway bento, and much more. Beside the train station, visitors will see various stores selling distinctive specialties on the old street, a must go when traveling around Alishan.

Beautiful scenery and delectable cuisine

Having a tour around here, you could visit the locomotive train, gallery of railway history, hundred-year- old temple of the village deity, Fenqihu forest trail, the old street, and a shooting scene of the movie a�?Starry Starry Night.a�? Some delicious dishes, including Caozaiguo, iron eggs, ice jelly, train cake, baked cake, and ginger tea with black sugar, are all worth trying. Buying some local specialties, such as dried bamboo shoots and wasabi, as souvenirs is also recommended. At night, just indulge in the sparkling stars above the sky while savoring luscious Wine Cooked Chicken Soup. From November to December, there are even DiaphanesA�Lampyroides flying around Yinu Waterfall, Fengshan, and Fenqihu Railway.

Taiwan Travel : Attractions - Fenqihui??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Attractions - Fenqihui??TaiwanDay

Recommended dishes

Ben-Ji- Hu Train Cake
Tian-Mei- Zhen Bakery has more than 66-year- old history. The second generation created cake printed in pictures of the steam train, called a�?Ben-Ji- Hu Train Cake.a�? Now the third generation even provides multiple flavors for customers to choose, including green tea, yam, green beans, and braised pork.

Ya-Hu Railway Bento
Since its opening, Ya-Hu Railway Bento has provided travelers delicious railway bento. This abundant boxed meal including various kinds of seasonal vegetables and chicken drumstick or pork chop is actually loved by numerous gourmets.

An-Shan- Wu Ice Jelly
Handmade jelly looks crystal and contains abundant natural pectin. Adding some lemon, honey, or black sugar, it tastes really distinctive.

Grandma Caozaiguo
Exterior made of sticky rice as well as mugwort and the filling containing vegetables, meat, mushroom, and shrimps taste authentic. Sweet flavors, such as taro, potato, or red beans, are also available here.

Taiwan Travel : Attractions - Fenqihui??TaiwanDay