Feeling 18a�? Hand-Made Chocolate

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A chocolate legend in Puli

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As popular as a tourist attraction

When I first arrived at the chocolate shop located in a residential area in a township in Puli, I was amazed and in total shock. In front of me, there are an exclusive parking lot, clean outdoor resting area, and shops and restaurants belonging to a common mother company. I saw lines of people waiting to buy chocolate and lots of people who are savoring sweets. Free premium black coffee and cold brew tea are provided on site even if you are not a customer. Every fifteen to twenty minutes, staff will come to your table and offer complimentary chocolates of various flavors. There are also many local farmers selling seasonal vegetables grown by themselves since there are crowds of people here. Indeed, this place is like a popular tourist attraction with a continuous flow of people. This originally online hand-made chocolate shop has, in fact, become a legend in Puli.

Strictly selected ingredients and good reputation

18a�? of the store name comes from the fact that the best quality and flavor of chocolate is possible when it is produced, preserved and tasted at 18a�?.The store was opened online in 2006. Next year, the founder and chef Mao opened a brick and mortar store in his home in Puli. Later, he founded a handmade gelato shop, Mu Lun 18 cake shop, and Mano Pizzeria. All the stores use local ingredients. Indeed, the brand is beloved by people because the source and quality of raw materials for every product are strictly monitored.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Feeling 18a�? Hand-Made Chocolatei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Feeling 18a�? Hand-Made Chocolatei??TaiwanDay

Filled chocolate gift box (20 pcs) NT$800/per box: it takes a great amount of effort to make molds and cook chocolate filling for assorted chocolates. The filling is injected into molds with chocolate, and the final product will be ready when chocolate becomes solid. Many local ingredients are used to make chocolates, such as black tea from Yuchi Township, Assam black tea from Sun Moon Lake, edible organic rose petals from Puli Township, and strawberry with mulberry anka vinegar. Even the alianthus prickly ash with a special fragrance is used to create a surprising texture of chocolate.

65% Valentine Nama Chocolate (large 30 pcs NT$420, small 15 pcs NT$250): 65% of one chocolate is made up of cocoa. It is quite chewy when you have the first few bites. It will melt afterwards, and the sweetness is stronger than bitterness, very delicious.

Uji Matcha Nama Chocolate (30 pcs, small ones, NT$300/ per box): White chocolate and exclusive matcha formula are added into nama chocolate. Uji matcha powder is finally sprinkled on top of chocolate, thus the taste of chocolate is full of fragrances of tea and flowers. The chocolate is really delicate and very Japanese style, and you are going to miss the taste.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Feeling 18a�? Hand-Made Chocolatei??TaiwanDay