Useful information for traveling Taiwan

Travel Visas

Foreign travelers may obtain tourist visas if they hold foreign passports or travel documents valid for more than six months in the Republic of China.

30-day visa-free privileges are afforded to citizens of 31 countries and 30-day landing visas are afforded to citizens of 3 countries. For any further information, please visit the website of Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For further questions about visa application, please contact:
E-mail: [email protected]
TEL: +886-2-2343-2891 or +886-3-398-2629.

Currency and Tipping Etiquette

The currency unit in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$), Foreign currencies can be exchanged at government-designated banks and hotels.

During your trip, you only need to carry a bit of cash for souvenirs and minor personal expenses. Tipping is generally not expected in Taiwan; restaurants and hotels will usually add a 10% service charge on your check.

SIM Cards and WIFI Service

Prepaid SIM cards are easily accessible in Taiwan; travelers can buy them at airports, cell company stores, or in advance online with pickup at the airport. The price for a prepaid SIM card ranges from NT$300 to NT$1000.

Taiwan is one of those countries in the world that provide free WIFI on a large scale for tourists. iTaiwan offers very international traveler free WIFI service up to 30 days of their stay. For registering on iTaiwan, please visit itaiwan.taiwan.net.tw.

Tax Refunds

Foreign travelers that made purchases of at least NT$2,000 on the same day at designated Taiwan Tax Refund are eligible to request an Application Form for VAT Refund by presenting their entry travel documents.

To claim the refund, they must apply at the port of their departure from the R.O.C. within 90 days following the date of purchase, and they must take the purchased goods out of the country with them. For further details, please visit the E-VAT Refund website.

Electric Appliances

Taiwan uses electric current of 110 volts at 60 cycles, and Type A plugs. Appliances from Europe, Australia or South-East Asia will need an adaptor or transformer.


Taiwan enjoys warm weather all year round. The annual average temperature is a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius with the lowest temperatures on the lowlands generally ranging from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius (54-63 Fahrenheit).

Culinary Culture

Taiwan is without a doubt a gourmet’s paradise. From fine dining to traditional snacks sold on street stands, there’s something for everyone to love. Apart from the local classics, Taiwan also offers a vast range of authentic foreign food such as Italian, Muslim, Indian, Japanese and a lot more!

Vegetarians and vegan will feel very welcomed in Taiwan; most eateries offer meat-free choices that are clearly labeled on their menu, and there are thousands of vegetarian restaurants all around the country.

Public Transportation

The public transit system of Taiwan is complex, safe and reliable. Travelers can explore Taiwan through buses, trains, the MRT and more; the entire transport system is seamlessly connected to each other, making your vacation smoother and more enjoyable.

Vacationers can also take advantage of public bicycle services available in Kaohsiung, Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, Taichung City and Changhua County.

International Driving License Validity

Foreigners from most countries are valid for operating a vehicle in Taiwan by showing their travel document, driving license of their country, and an International Driving License. For further information, please visit the Directorial General of Highways website, or call their hotline: 0800-231-035.