Evergreen Resort Hotel (Jiaosi)

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Experience local customs

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Evergreen Resort Hotel (Jiaosi)a��TaiwanDay

Experience local customs

Located in the center of Jiaosi Township, Evergreen Resort Hotel is convenient for transportation and has the advantage to the grand view of Yilan plain as it is located at a slightly higher spot. Every day at 3 p.m., two hot spring mascots of the hotel greet the guests at the lobby floor. Snacks and beverages such as seasoned millet mush, dried persimmon cake, and kumquat tea are free of charge available at the event. Evergreen Resort Hotel (Jiaosi) provides two-days-one-night package tours, inclusive of meals and trips, perfect for those excited to engage in local customs.

Japanese and Western guest rooms

Most of the guest rooms are designed with Japanese Zen style, while some other rooms are made more western, all available for guests to choose from. Kumquat sweets, organic Luodong soy bean milk, and other local snacks are provided in the rooms. Moreover, there is an open-air spa on the top floor, for those eager to release tension in the refreshing air and hot spring.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Evergreen Resort Hotel (Jiaosi)a��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Evergreen Resort Hotel (Jiaosi)a��TaiwanDay


NTD$800/ person (house guests are free)
Operating hours: 07:00 a�� 23:00
Occupying almost 5,000 square-meters, LOHAS SPA consists of an orchid spa pool, kumquat bath, herbal bath, children pool area, etc.

Open-air SPA

Open to house guests only
Operating hours: 07:00 a�� 23:00 (Maximum of 18 guests.)
Located on the top floor, facilities in the sky bathing area are made from imported natural wood, which brings mellow fragrance reliving your stress. A vast landscape can be observed in the morning, while at night, the starry sky shall be your bathing companion.

Other Facilities

Evergreen Resort has a ball room center, a gym, a multi-entertainment room, the childrena��s playing area, an internet room, a KTV room, and many other facilities for the guests. The hotel also organizes many events during the four seasons, including fruit and vegetable picking at local farms and greenhouses, as well as early-morning promenades.

Stone SPA

Currently, the only scientific therapy in Yilan, stone SPA helps stimulate blood circulation and perspiration due to infrared ray and anion radiated from the stones. Sweat transforms to a creamy emulsion on the skin, which helps to moisturize the body. This is the perfect solution for those who dona��t like to exercise; sweat while you lay unmoved!

Laurel Buffet Restaurant

Service hours: 07:00-10:00

Service hours: 17:30 a�� 21:30

A one-night-two-meals package includes breakfast and dinner at the Laurel Buffet Restaurant. The menu is exciting, abundant and varies with season.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Evergreen Resort Hotel (Jiaosi)a��TaiwanDay