Traditional Taiwanese Cuisine

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This is not only a restaurant that brings people from 1950s to 1970s to the good old days but attracts young people too.

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Good old memories

At the entrance of the restaurant are the figures of Mazinger Z, Aphrodai A and Bossrobot, and the theater booth in the past. All of these become a tourist spot that many customers will take pictures with them. When entering the restaurant, it is like walking through a time tunnel and go back to a time when Taiwan was just away from the Japanese colonial period. You can see the manager of the restaurant rushing around to take care of the customers while saying a�?Welcomea�? aloud to the people coming in. The manager and waiters are so friendly that before you have a bite of the food you have already feel the passion of Taiwanese people.

This restaurant presents a place with authentic furniture and things come from the good old days. There are Black Cat Shaving Ice, old stove, traditional grocery store, Vespa motorcycle, steel bicycle, wooden table and chair, Hakka printed cloth, red brick wall, stone motor, straw rain cape, all kinds of toys, gaming machines, sweets, antique cabinet, old TV, and hundred-year- old bowl from the 1950s. Everything in this restaurant is full of memories, which encourages old people to share their stories with young people.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Chun Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Chun Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Play toys after meal

The dishes here are all made by professional cooks. The restaurant offers delicious dishes including home-made cuisines, stir-fried dishes, and outdoor catering food. After finishing your meal, you can also play marbles, throw dices and have a scoop of traditional Taiwanese ice cream. You can also buy sweets like candies, sweet fried fish or play a lucky draw, blow bubbles and drink marble soda in a traditional grocery shop. If you go to Yilan, this restaurant is definitely a place you should stop by.

Recommended dishes

Oyster and fried bread sticks with XO sauce: The chef uses fresh oysters directly delivered from Dongshih fishing port of Chiayi County to the restaurant to make this dish. He first sautes scallion, ginger and garlic, adds XO sauce and chicken soup, puts half of the oysters in the soup to cook, then puts the oysters and the remaining soup on the fried oysters. It is recommended that customers first eat oysters to taste its natural flavors, adds the XO sauce into rice, and eat the fried bread stick dipped in XO sauce. If you go to the restaurant during summer, you should definitely order this dish because oyster is especially fat.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Chun Restauranti??TaiwanDay