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Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Dongsheng Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Dongsheng started business in 1968. It used to be the only seafood restaurant on the road. It is the oldest restaurant around, which is known by gourmands nationwide. Not only is it a huge attraction for visitors, but local residents also like to put on wedding banquets here. It is almost always fully booked during dinner time. The principle guarded through the years is to get the best products at the fish markets and present them with their original flavors. The dishes are unique in flavor while abundant in choice. It is this characteristic that has brought so many costumers to its door throughout these 30 to 40 years.

Simple technique, super delicious

The best seafood dish is to cook with the simplest technique. Salt crusted shrimps dish serve fresh shrimps steamed with salt. The sweetness and freshness of the shrimps burst out when you taste it. Fried squids are cooked soft. At first glance, it doesna��t even look like ita��s been fried, but instead poached. Only when you look closely and see the reflection of oil can you tell. It smells perfect, and the texture is surprisingly delicious! A cold dish of sunfish intestines has a crunchy texture. Dip it into homemade sweet and spicy sauce, the taste is fabulous! Steamed rice with shrimps may sound too modest at first however, as soon as you dig in you just wona��t be able to stop! The flavor and sweetness is of top class! A spoon of steamed rice with baby shrimps tastes great! It has a totally different flavor from fried rice with shrimps.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Dongsheng Restauranti??TaiwanDay