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An Exclusive taste! You just cana��t stop taking another bite.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Ahilu Braised Ducka��TaiwanDay

a�?Hi! Ia��m here again!a�? This is a line that appears most frequently when I visit the Braised duck dishes store. Unlike many other braised dishes which are often cooked and boiled in soup, its products are drily braised, which creates a flavor resembling smoked duck breasts. Moreover, it is the first braised dishes store in the country that sells mainly duck products. For those like me, extremely addicted to duck delicacies, will not be able to quit its products.

Mr. Lai has been selling chicken and duck at traditional markets with his mother at a very young age. As a child, he decided that he wanted to sell braised dishes when he grew up. He even decided the name of the store, Ahilu, which resembles the pronunciation of duck in Japanese. A secret recipe is what makes Ahilua��s braised dishes so special. To bring out the unique flavor, it requires a time-consuming procedure.

Mr. Laia��s mother no longer meets the costumers in person at the reception. However she still insists on checking on the sauce for braising at the main kitchen every day. For her, it is extremely important that each dish sold to the customers has to be at its best quality! There are a variety of duck products to choose at Ahilu. This braised dish store is a must-visit if you ever come to Yilan!

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Ahilu Braised Ducka��TaiwanDay