Du Siao-Yue Restaurant

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Traditional Cuisine with New Taste

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Sitting in an urban area of Yilan, Du Siao-Yue Restaurant only sells Taiwanese gourmet. This restaurant doesna��t have another branch. It originated in 1968; it was founded by the present chef Chen Jhao-Lina��s (master Lin) father. His father and uncles are cooks for catering. They passed down the business to master Lin, the 4th generation. Du Siao-Yue Restaurant on Wenchang Road was reputed among the locals. Later, it was moved to the present location, having a more beautiful and cozy dining environment. Furthermore, master Lin has been promoting local ingredients and putting every effort in creating new recipes so Du Siao-Yue Restaurant in Yilan gains more reputation. Therefore, tourists often visit this restaurant.

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Valuing Tradition And Innovation At The Same Time

a�?Lanyang traditional cuisine with innovationa�? is our slogan. Only selling Taiwanese food, Du Siao-Yue mainly sells seafood besides traditional local food because Yilan is a coastal county and its catch is often in a large amount. The gourmet will change with seasons. The chef uses traditional recipes to cook each course and keeps inventing new ideas in cooking, food presenting and making pottery for the restaurant. Every time coming here, you will have a feast for the eyes and mouth. Many loyal customers said a�?We will never get tired of the restaurant!a�?

Ingredients and catch are different in every season; master Lin insists buying ingredients and cooking them right away so this restaurant features a�?tasting menua�?. If customers want to hold a banquet here and need a customized menu, the chef can confirm it a week before the banquet to make sure food is fresh and tasty

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Du Siao-Yue Restaurant a��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Du Siao-Yue Restaurant a��TaiwanDay

Set Meal, Ordering A La Carte & Multi-course Meal Are Available

The building full of ceramics is perfectly divided into several areas to satisfy everyonea��s dining need: 1F for individual diner; 2F for the banquet; 3F for the private box. Here, we offer multi-course meal (TWD 4000 and up) that is well worth its value. You can order a la carte as well. Recently, we also provide set meal for individuals; even if you come alone, you can still enjoy delicate cuisine in moderate portion. If you come on holidays, we strongly suggest that you reserve a table early, otherwise youa��ll regret.

Stewed Chicken Broth with Mesona: a Multi-course meal of Du Siao-Yue includes two special broth; this is one of them. We use stewed mesona from an old master in Sua��ao, add Chinese herbs such as dang shen and jujubes and then stew with free-range chicken for two to three hours. The aroma of mesona mixing with herbsa��, free-range chicken being so tender and firm, they have always been dinersa�� favorite parts for decades. This broth was originally offered in summer, but it has been so popular that it becomes a fixed item on the menu and a top one gourmet via delivery service in Chinese New Year.

Pork Rib Broth: Another special broth at Du Siao-Yue. This cuisine was found by chance. Ita��s all because master Lin tasted the pork rib broth in Singapore and he missed the flavor so he combined some ingredients together, adjusting the recipe with local ingredients to stew pork rib broth. The local ingredient includes pork ribs from pigs bred by the Plum Blossom Lake. When drinking the broth, you can enjoy a pleasant smell of garlic and Sichuan pepper, not to mention tender and flavorful pork ribs. Ita��s so tasty that you just cana��t stop drinking.

Steamed Turbot (Fresh Fish in Season): We steam fresh turbot with the famous Sansing green onion in Yilan and fish sauce. The simple cooking method brings out the sweetness and freshness in fish.

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