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Finest delicacy at the gourmet palace

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Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Dine with the best view - Dingxian 101a��TaiwanDay

Extremely popular window seats

Located on the 86 floor of Taipeia��s landmark Taipei 101, Dingxian 101 is designed to provide a comfortable, fashionable and luxurious dining place matching an opulent deluxe palace. Moreover, the greatest view you can possibly imagine in the city only makes dining at Dingxian 101 far more magnificent. There are eleven private separate dining areas designed in royal and romantic warm colors, furnished with chandelier imported from Egypt, Borromini chairs, and tables. Guests are to enjoy privacy while immersing in classic and elegant romance.

Inherited from Tainan traditional cuisinea��s serving style, seafood at Dingxian 101 is picked alive by customers so as to ensure its freshness. There are shrimps, crabs, and fish for guests to choose from. Chef and the team will perform top gastronomic skills on the high quality ingredients. A sensational feast is about to begin! Moreover, guests will use British and French silverware and porcelain tableware as they dive in the grand meal! As Dingxian 101 is the highest Taiwanese seafood restaurant in the country, it is not hard to imagine how popular the window seats are. Cana��t wait to visit the gourmet palace? Reserve fast! Any hesitation could cost you another long wait!

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Dine with the best view - Dingxian 101a��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Dine with the best view - Dingxian 101a��TaiwanDay

Classic Set Menu

Buddhaa��s delight with shark fin

Pork chops marinated in the chefa��s special sauce before deep frying, creating crispy skin. Then added with shark fin, scallops, chestnut, pine mushrooms, bamboo fungus, taro and dried green bamboo. Poached and cooked slowly until the exquisite Buddhaa��s delight with shark fin is ready to serve.


Steamed scallops with seaweed

Fresh scallops cooked with seaweed and special soy sauce brings out the sweetness and flavors of the seafood.


Roasted Australian lamb chops

Australian lamb chops marinated in special sauce made of red wine, garlic, soy sauce and sugar. Roasted and served with mint sauce.

Shrimp rolls and fried squid balls

Made of fresh shrimps, fish paste, water chestnut, green onions and special homemade sauce, fried shrimp rolls wrapped with a thin layer of pig oil match perfectly with fresh lettuce. Squid balls consist of fish paste and fresh squid cubes. With every bite, you will find the taste of the sea within.

Xiang Zongzi (rice dumplings)

Dingxian 101a��s special Xiang Zongzi was invented by the mother of the companya��s chairman. Ingredients in the rice dumpling include scallops, lotus nuts, mushrooms, marinated egg yolk, traditional braised meat, mung bean, peanuts, red onions, shrimps, and sticky rice. The unique flavor has been praised by its customers.

Dingxiana��s specialty: Tainan Danzi Noodles

High quality pork cooked with chefa��s homemade red onion and garlic spices makes the braised pork perfect. The braised pork adds flavor to the Tainan Danzi Noodles, which is already poached with sweet corn, turnip, and onions. The distinguish savor makes it one of the must-orders at Dingxian 101.

Menu a la carte

Penghu lobster with mullet roe (by reservation only)

Wild lobsters from Penghu are marinated in Shaoxing rice wine, which adds flavor to the meat and makes it chewy. It is then fried and covered with marinated egg yolk and mullet roe powder.

Taiwanese shark fin seafood soup

Cooked with fresh ingredients including shark fin, cabbage, shrimp, chicken, black fungus, fried egg slice, and dried bamboo, this soup is extremely delicious.

Plum pickled tomatoes

The appetizer requires a lot of skills and time to make. Locally grown tomatoes have to be peeled and cooked and then pickled in sugar and plums for three days. It is sweet, sour, and perfect to begin a meal with.

Milkfish with garlic crackers

Boned milkfish sliced and wrapped in cornstarch, and then fried with garlic crackers, green onions, and special pepper. This is the best snack to go with wine.

Kaoliang Sausage

Kaoliang sausage is marinated with Kaoliang and cinnamon. It is chewy and has a fine aroma.


Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Dine with the best view - Dingxian 101a��TaiwanDay