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Warm Food on the Street Corner

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Cold rainy day makes us want to eat a bowl of warm and authentic Japanese oden. This is not the advertisement line. When you come to Yanji Street in the eastern Daa��an District in Taipei, you can eat Japanese oden, which is full of Japanese flavor yet fits Taiwanese tastes, in the diner on the street corner.

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Enjoying The Authentic Japanese Atmosphere

Dian Chuan looks like a huge Japanese yatai (food cart), the sliding wooden door, the curtains and the seating area of half-hexagonal tatami (Japanese mat) all creating the dining atmosphere of Japanese streets. You can always see the oden cooker full of ingredients and steaming hot broth. The white smoke from the stewing pot on the cooker fills the entire diner with steam and makes customers warm.
The owner of this diner was a a�?restaurant and food service plannera�?. He often went to Japan to do an observation due to his job and then he came up with an idea of running a yatai-style izakaya (Japanese gastropub) selling oden. To sell the same Japanese food and flavor, he imports 90% ingredients from Japan and only uses seasonal Taiwanese vegetables. The cost is higher, but he would like to present delicate, various and the best quality of food.

Tasting Fresh Japanese Seafood

When you come here to eat various oden, dona��t forget to taste Japanese seafood in season, including octopus feet, the oyster from Akkeshi, cod milt, scallops, whelks, venus clams, natural white clams (megangulus venulosa), etc. You can taste over 30 kinds of Japanese sake selected by the izakaya owner. You can even drink un- pasteurized sake of four seasons here. Furthermore, the thoughtful izakaya owner sells house sake, allowing customers to taste all kinds of Japanese sake. He also offers many unique sakewares. When customers are drinking sake, they can enjoy the visual feast at the same time.
If you love Japanese congee, then you cana��t miss the seafood congee that is stewed with fresh seafood, scallops and oysters. The rice is cooked with the sauce used to stew radishes so the rice absorbs the sweetness of radishes. No wonder it has the freshness of seafood and the sweetness of vegetables. The fat seafood and mushy congee will make you impressed and make you want some more congee.

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Some ingredients and food will be changed with the seasons.
Top 7 Ingredients in Oden: Red tomatoes, green vegetables, various light brown food made from fish paste, and other meatballs are all in the pot. There are over 30 choices. Dona��t you know what to choose? Then try top seven ingredients which include Japanese white radish, sesame tofu, konnyaku, poached egg, tofu pouches with crab roes, chikuwa and the seasonal vegetables. After that, you can drink the broth with vegetables, seaweed, onion and dried bonito flakes, having an authentic taste of Japanese gourmet.

Grilled Dish, Chicken Thigh with Japanese Bunching Onion: The gastropub owner insists using Japanese bunching onion and the whole chicken thigh chopped into lumps on each skewer so that customers can enjoy good ingredients and food quality in every bite. When you taste the tender and sweet chicken with luscious Japanese bunching onion, its flavor is more attractive. Ita��s the must-taste grilled dish here.

Simmered Seasonal Shellfish (Market Price): The gastropub owner uses sake, stock and seaweed to cook shellfish in season so that you can enjoy the luscious original taste of seafood. In different seasons, you can eat whelks, Japanese white clams (megangulus venulosa), venus clams, etc. All the shellfish is fat and chewy. If you eat seafood with a few drips of lemon or kumquat juice, the flavor will become more palatable.

Sake: The gastropub owner always puts a small glass into a wooden box. The servers will serve it on the table and pour sake to the glass for you until the box is filled with sake. By doing that, they can not only make the gastropub full of Japanese atmosphere, but also offer affordable sake to avoid giving customers the pressure for buying a bottle of sake. Therefore, you can taste different kinds of sake during the meal.

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