Painting Dreams

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A pink European style architecture stands amongst greenery paddy fields. Drive along Freeway No. 5 to Jiaoxi and make a turn at Fenwei Road, you are free from the hustle and bustle business district of Jiaoxi. A comfortable, quite European paradise awaits for your presence.

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Like an Art Museum

From the grand front gate to the paved path, green plants and colorful flowers along both sides welcome the guest in the breeze. The two-story European style manor merged with the mountain, blue sky, green trees and the fields. This is Decoupage Manor, opened in 2014. Walk into the manor through the white arch door, you will soon be amazed by all the decoupage crafts from furniture, tableware, daily goods to wall painting. Decoupage Manor is like an art museum of decoupage. What comes into your eyes are nothing but art work, which is pleasing to the eye.

These beautiful art works all came from the owners of the manor. Decoupage is a technique of decorating that has been popular in Europe for nearly 300 years. Since the couple learned about decoupage in 2010, they have been deeply in love with this kind of art work. Their works include painting on chairs, tissue containers, boxes, vanities, arm chairs, deck chairs, ceramics, basin, wall and even handrail. One of them is specialized in floral, people and animal and the other enjoys painting landscape. They worked together for this dream guest house. The hostess said that a�?Everyone has a dream. What phase you are in, are you looking for your dream, working for your dream or have you accomplished it? I have fulfilled my dream and I am delighted to share it with you.a�? Are you ready? Put your worries aside and go for a European style decoupage trip!

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Decoupage Manori??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Decoupage Manori??TaiwanDay

One painting in a room

The owners are keen to details with a sense of beauty. There are different themes in different rooms, and the curtains, wall decoration, deck chairs, vanities, coffee table and even rubbish bin in the same room are painted in the same style of patterns. The combed cotton sheet in the rose pattern is certainly a plus for a vocational experience. The style of rooms varies from Summer Sunshine, Wizard of OZ, Bear Garden, and Fairy Tale. Travelers can relax in the cozy, beautiful art pieces while enjoying the landscape from nature. Here, you can feel the art, relax and have a vacation at ease comfortably, everything is as natural as breathing.

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Sitting in the romantic dining area, you can appreciate the furniture and tableware painted by the owners while having a Chinese style breakfast with hot rice porridge, soy milk and fresh made side dishes. Simple meals that will meet your taste buds without bringing burden to the body. This is life, enjoy the simple pleasure at the moment is what happiness means.

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Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Decoupage Manori??TaiwanDay