Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lake

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Picturesque Landscapes

Different from the urban hotels, Crystal Resort is surrounded by the rolling mountains and has a vast hinterland of space. In such a beautiful, secluded place, you can get away from the hustle and bustle life and totally relax in nature. If you stroll to the back of the European style hall, the view will probably take your breath away. The mountain reflects on the sparkling lake. With the moving ripples, the green reflection spreads layer by layer. The whole image decorated with Camellia blossoms seems to compose a marvelous landscape painting. Not much farther away, there are still some cabins in this dreamlike picture. In such a relaxing atmosphere, you will naturally slow down your pace and enjoy life.

Besides beautiful scenery, Crystal Resort offers a variety of facilities including swimming pool, hydrotherapy spa pool and cypress sauna. If you take a tour with your family or friends here, we offer barbecue area where you can enjoy outdoor cooking. If guests want to get close to nature, they can choose hiking trails, hills running trails or go cycling around the park. Supposing you prefer farming, you can visit our organic farm a�?Down-to-Eartha�? to fulfill your rural dreams.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lakei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lakei??TaiwanDay

Luxury and Elegant Presidential Suite

According to the different building material, we offer two types of cabins. One is original log cabin and the other is cypress log cabin. We use imported log as the building material and the special design of the floor and walls can block the noise effectively. The other type of cabin was built using cypress log. When guests stay inside, they can smell cypress phytocide everywhere in the room and feel refreshed. The presidential suite can accommodate eight guests and your visit will be truly unforgettable. We choose the high-quality cypress log to build the cabin, which was built without using any nails. The cabin took eight years to build. It features high ceiling with split-level interior design, which appears to be luxurious and elegant. The suite includes a master bedroom, childrena��s room, study room and attic. Inside the room the cypress fragrance greets you and out of the room trees and flowers flourish in the yard. It is VIP enjoyment.

Recommended Dishes
Japanese Matsusaka pork: Select Matsusaka pork with evenly distributed marbling served with shredded cabbage and seasoned with Japanese sesame sauce. It tastes refreshing and tasty.

Penghu Dried Small Fish: Stir-fry dried small fish with peanuts and chili. It tastes crunchy and fragrant. This dish goes well with the rice or wine.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lakei??TaiwanDay