Accompany by the sunset and coconut trees

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Coconut Beachi??TaiwanDay

Dream accommodation environments

With the ocean on one side and mountain another, B&B a�?Coconut Beacha�? is the dream accommodation environment for many people. When driving through Dulan from Coastal Highway, you may see some attractive European style buildings lining beside the road. The outside of the buildings was made by iron wood and local stones. The owner uses rock fragments to make a route in the front garden. The B&B has no big tree; they did this on purpose because they hope guests can have a great view of the blue ocean and coconut tree beach without any obstacles.

Sit in the cafA� and enjoy the sea view

The biggest space in the B&B is the cafA� on the 1st floor. They use drift woods to build a curvy and beautiful bar. Several tables scatter beside the window and the big French window may open outwards when the weather is nice, so guests can move the chairs onto the wooden platform. Drinking coffee as well as staring blankly at the sea would definitely be a nice thing for visitors. The B&B adopted two dogs: one named A Fa and another named A Dai, both of which are mixed type of dogs. The housekeeper Xiaotai said that the beach area in front of the B&B used to be the end of the Dulan Bay. However, when it is about spring, the sea waves would start to accumulate the stand on to the coast, so here they have most sands in the shiny hot summer. When it is spring, the sea wave again hits the sand back to the bottom of the ocean and leaves only the rocks. This is totally a free seasonal changing show.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Coconut Beachi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Coconut Beachi??TaiwanDay

Spacious bathroom with delicate interior design

The B&B in whole is not in bright colors since they pick mostly natural materials to construct the building. Despite that, the interior design of the rooms is anything more than simple. They use energy-saving LED lights, KING SIZE double bed, designera��s stylish table and cabinet made of drift woods. As for the bathroom, it is spacious with air conditioners, so you may still be warm while having a nice bath in winter or even cold waves. The rooms also have a big French window facing the ocean. For those who do not want to turn on air conditioner, you may just open all the windows!

Breakfast time (08:00~10:00)

When staying at the Coconut Beach, what people expect the most is the breakfast. At here they provide sumptuous breakfast. Most ingredients are local such as naturally grazed chicken and lamb, non-pollution organic fruits and vegetables cultivated in the mountains, freshly delivered fish from the Pacific Ocean, rice from the valley a��and so on. With a simple cooking style, the guests may taste the original flavor of the foods. On top of that, there are some seasonal ingredients including black beets in the black beet congee, beautiful-colored Garden Beet, Arugula, Edible Amaranth, and other vegetables are all originally cultivated on the Forest Road. These vegetables are crunchy and tasty. They also use seasonal sea fish like Creator Yellow Tail, Flame snapper, Scribbled snapper and other kinds of fish. They use these fishes to make fresh dishes by grilling or frying. The mouthwatering dishes smell good and delicious. As for those who want to try some western style dish, you may tell us in advance so that we can prepare it for you.

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Coconut Beachi??TaiwanDay