Japanese Military Preparation Tunnel

Qingshui Ghost Cave, built in 1942, was a military preparation tunnel during the Japanese colonial period. The H-shaped tunnel ran from the north of Aofen Mountain Park through the north of Hengshan that was at the south of Dajia River. The total length of this tunnel was roughly about 4 to 5 kilometers. The place was organized and ready for tours, which had a viewing area of approximately 200 to 300 meters and only one exit. The walls were stacked up using cobblestones along with steel bars and concrete to build. Rumor said that this building method had the feng shui function of exorcising evil spirits.

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The height inside the tunnel was about 170 cm. Therefore, any visitor higher than this height would need to bend over for the whole trip. Besides, the width of the tunnel could only allow one person to get through. If people were to pass each other, they would need to walk with their backs against the walls. Or people would need to go past one another at sites inside the tunnel, such as water storage room, filing room, etc. As a result, before visiting Qingshui Ghost Cave, people should consider their health conditions.

Projected to Be Officially Opened in the Second Half of 2014

The next year after the tunnel was built, Taiwan was recovered. As a result, the site was never used and had been idled for many years. After cleanup, maintenance, and adding lights, Qingshui Ghost Cave was projected to open for public viewing in the second half of 2014. Inside the tunnel, it was warm in winter and cool in summer. As well, there were sites with different functions set up, such as kitchen, storage room, an overwatch position, restrooms, tartar mats, and sentry box. In the bedrooms, you could find thatch mats, filing cabinets, and water tanks, etc. Walking to the overwatch position on either side and looking through the sniper scopes, you could enjoy the beautiful landscapes outside of the fortress, which was not readily accessible to the public. Qingshui Ghost Cave was a unique tourist attraction that you should not miss when visiting Qingshui District.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Qingshui Ghost Cavei??TaiwanDay