Everywhere is a view

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Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Choo Art Villa|TaiwanDay

Green construction hidden in the greens

It is fair to say that this is a personal villa in the woods! With great care and insistence of the owner, the Choo Art Villa, surrounded by the nature, was designed to preserve the original landscape – the camphor woods – for local aboriginals, and do as little damage to it as possible. It took them 4 years to construct the building. Hidden in the woods, this green architecture contains a lot of glass windows, so that it could have natural lighting. Moreover, the natural materials were used, demonstrating a modest simplicity. In order not to harm the hundred-years- old trees, they combined them to the construction itself, creating an unusual interior. Grown on the roof, hydroponic plants function as a cooler to bring down the room temperature as well as embellishment, especially when it’s the flowering season, and the purple flowers flourish on the rooftop. It’s an incredibly beautiful scene.


Around the villa, there are sweet olive trees, grapefruit trees, and cypress trees. Strolling along the gardens, visitors are bathed in the Phytoncide, with the fragrance of flowers filling the air. The cypress trees look different throughout the seasons, as if being dotted with different colors with a painting brush. Sculptor Yu Deng-Chuan’s masterpieces are displayed in at several locations in the gardens, bringing liveliness and fun to the space. Either indoors or outdoors, everywhere is a beautiful view here at the villa. It is quiet and tranquil.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Choo Art Villa|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Choo Art Villa|TaiwanDay

When the light wind breezes by, the leaves whisper while the birds chirp, creating a harmonious duet. No wonder anyone who’s been there says that it’s the place to drift off as well as to meditate. The natural resource is abundant in the woods: be not surprised to see eagles circling the skies or Formosan Blue Magpies toddling in the woods! The trees are the protagonists in the scene. The building is the stage, while the travelers are merely the participants. Come garner a genuine and profound experience, and dance with the nature at Choo Art Villa!