Chiua��s Rice Cake

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Sweet to the heart

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Chiua��s Rice Cakei??TaiwanDay

Chiua��s Rice Cake store has been operating for over 60 years. It is one of the first food stands in Donggang. Its rice cakes used to be local residentsa�� favorite dessert. It has since been passed on through many generations. Chiua��s rice cakes are made of glutinous rice and brown sugar. Unlike other stores, here it sells only one flavor, which is brown sugar. Even so, its brown sugar tastes extremely rich. The proportion of glutinous rice, the texture matches that of mochi. The chewiness and complexity are both charming. Until now, it is still many costumersa�� top choice.

Handmade, inherited tastiness

The owner running Chiua��s Rice Cake store is the third generation since it started business. Even though mechanical processing could bring convenience and hence more profit, Chiua��s still chooses to stick to the traditional way of processing. With true skills, and the principle of a�?sell no more than what you make,a�? Chiua��s insisted not to sacrifice the inherited tastiness for mass production. The process of making rice cakes begins by soaking glutinous rice in water for hours, and then, in the old days, continues by pounding it to a sticky mass with stone mortars, which is now substituted by machine. This is the only step which machine has taken over. The rest is still operated by hands.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Chiua��s Rice Cakei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Chiua��s Rice Cakei??TaiwanDay

After some complicated processes, they sprinkle brown sugar on top of the rice cakes and spread on an extra layer of glutinous rice, creating the unique double-layer texture. Its simplicity and handmade texture brings out the chewing tastiness. On site, the third generation owners take out whole pieces of steaming rice cakes from the round steamers, and with professional skills, they swiftly slice and package the rice cakes before they get cooled. Mr. Chiu said that the rice cakes must be packaged while theya��re still warm, that is the only way to keep the flavor of brown sugar in the package. No wonder the sweetness explodes once you open the package. Take a bite of the chewy glutinous rice. It is a little sticky but not too much to cling onto your teeth. The flavor of brown sugar is merged within the rice cake, providing an exceptional sweetness. It is extremely delicious.