You-Ji-Yuan Chicken Farm

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The Humane Farming

How long havena��t you seen chickens running around freely on grass? The golden sun shines on the grass. Every single chicken looks energetic and valiant. They bob their heads while strutting, wandering or pecking unrestrainedly on the field. Not only do they have beautiful and shiny feathers, but they also have bright piercing eyes. Just look at those vigorous chicken claws standing and scratching on the grass that you can realize how healthy the chickens are in the You-Ji-Yuan Chicken Farm.

Adopting natural grazing method, every chicken is raised at least 6 months. The owner of the You-Ji-Yuan Chicken Farm, Tian-Fu Chen, insists on using humane farming to raise his chickens and refuses to apply any chemicals to them. He said that most chickens on the mainstream market are produced industrially in order to supply the need of the vast majority of consumers by injecting growth hormone. Raised not even until 12 weeks or even just 4 weeks, chickens are sold merely for profits.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - You-Ji-Yuan Chicken Farmi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - You-Ji-Yuan Chicken Farmi??TaiwanDay

To You-Ji-Yuan Chicken Farm, eco-friendly and symbiosis with the environment is the way to raise chickens. Unlike other chicken farms raising chicks and hens separately, you can see a brood of chicks waddling after their mother in the chicken coop of You-Ji-Yuan Chicken Farm. Some bigger chickens even hop around the bamboo beams of the coop playing happily and lively with each other. Tian Fu said that it is because of exercise, hopping up and down, that makes their meat full of chewy texture. In addition, the eggs here are natural mating, which is very different from the eggs of layersa��.

Give it a try of this outstanding quality chicken

How do you tell the difference between good and bad of chickensa�� quality? a�?Just cook it!a�? proudly said by Tian Fu. Without any extra seasoning, just some salt can lead out the sweet and mellow taste of the chicken. Tian Fua��s chickens have rather thin skin and less grease underneath and you can also feel the firm texture while gnawing bones. People can really tell the huge difference from a healthy and natural grazing chickens from those been growth hormone injected.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - You-Ji-Yuan Chicken Farmi??TaiwanDay