New York Mood in Taiwan style

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The name of the hotel a�?check inna�? is what you do when you want to stay in a hotel and the style of the interior is as straight-forward as the name. Look like a normal building from outside, but when you enter the Check Caf. at the first floor, you can soon feel the vintage loft style from New York with a modern twist. The open bar, white tile wall, black and white floor brick, walnut wood color tables and metal chairs lead the guest into a unique world of loft.

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Experience the New York loft style

The owner has studied and stayed in New York for a while. He thinks that New York is a diverse city where people act in their own style. Loft style is very popular in SOHO district. It is a combination of creativity, art, bold, fashion and other elements and he soon fell for this unpretentious style. This is what he had in mind when designing Check Inn and hoped to create brand-new experience lodging in Taipei.

Loft originally means an open, high ceilinged space adapted from an old factory or storage room with no partition wall. The style became popular since the late 1990s and is considered a fashionable style of living space. From todaya��s perspective, loft means vintage industrial style. Bright yellow is used as the background color of Check Inn logo, which delivers a simple American style with only English characters. If you look closer, you will find that interesting details in Check Inn. For example, the special yellow postbox at the door for guests to send postcards and the one of the kind industrial ceiling lamps in the cafA�.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - CHECK INNi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - CHECK INNi??TaiwanDay

Good taste in small details

When the elevator opens, what you see is a wall of signs telling you where the rooms are. Original red bricks are kept in some of the walls and some are painted in white. This is commonly seen in loft style decoration. The large numbers and characters of the signs as well as the room numbers on the doors are in rustic steel. There are only 6 rooms in one floor. There are three types of rooms according to their locations. All of the rooms are equipped with two beds, which suites the need of young travelers. Two beds can be pushed together as a big bed or leave some space in between. The room at the end of the hall has a view facing Songjiang road. When staying in the room, the view of Taipei streets is just like a painting in the room.

Although the rooms of Check Inn are not luxuriously decorated, you can feel the touch of class in details. For example, hairline stainless steel wall switches, black desk lamp and ceiling lamp, vintage telephone. The shower room is in black and white tile, which reminds one of New York subway. The vintage faucet and hangers are features of loft style. You can even see the SINIC graffiti in some rooms. SINIC is a Hong Kong based graffiti artist whose work combines Western and Chinese calligraphy as a new type of a�?fusiona�? art form. His unique ideas and faith of graffiti can be seen in our guest rooms. If youa��d like to stay in rooms with a SINIC graffiti, you can let us know when booking.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - CHECK INNi??TaiwanDay