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Chun Restaurant

This is not only a restaurant that brings people from 1950s to 1970s to the good old days but attracts young people …

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LINK Handmade Cuisine

Chao-Link, Chen is the chef of a popular restaurant, Du Hsiao Yue, in Yilan, Taiwan. This restaurant was established …

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Zhuo Ye Cottage

The camera-clicking crowds at the gate made me wonder what was behind it, so I went to take a peek at the inside. When …

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The Boat Cafe

With the wide open view to the enchanting landscape of Kao Mei Wetland, this special cafe lets you drink a cup of coffee …

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Shan Mai Taro Cake

46 years ago, Shan Mai Food was the Her Wey Xiang Bakery located at the triangle street corner next to the Dajia Jenn …

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Yu Jan Shin

In 1966, Cheng Ji-chen and his wife, the founders of Yu Jan Shin, were already at their middles when they decided…

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Linyi Fine Pastry Shop

As a century-old store with long-lasing fame, Linyi Fine Pastry Shop, as small as it was, looked so modest on the outside …

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