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Decoupage Manor

A pink European style architecture stands amongst greenery paddy fields. Drive along Freeway No. 5 to Jiaoxi and make …

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HYS 178 is the second building of Haiwan No.32. It is positioned on coastal highway (Provincial Highway No. 11), just 10 …

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Flower-Happiness Manor

The manor is located in Gian, a town in Taiwan which is very close to East Raft Valley and to the city center where you can …

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Taichung Harbor Hotel

Located in Wuqi district, Taichung city, Taichung Harbor Hotel can be said that it is the first international tourist and business …

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Silks Place Yilan

With the guidance of its top chef Mr. Lin Yong-rei, Silks Place Yilan presents the best of Yilan’s delicacies…

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Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

The first impression Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi imposes on its guests is a Zen-inspired tranquility. Its high-ceilin…

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