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Hualien and Taitung 3D2N Singles Meetup

HUALIEN AND TAITUNG ROMANTIC VACATIONS FOR THE SINGLE A 3 DAY 2 NIGHT SINGLES MEETUP Qualification: 25-45 year old single ladies or gentlemen Features: (1) Participants are half ladies and half gentlemen. (2) Seats on tour bus...

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Hualien and Taitung 3D2N Group Tour

Hualien and Taichung 3D2N Group Tour is an exclusive itinerary designed by The Chairman of Fun himself, for those who wish for an in-depth travel experience of Taiwan, this is the perfect tour package!

The tour includes fun and sporty activities such as zip-lining between canopy forests at Wild Monkey Adventure Land, and learn how to become a Taiwanese aboriginal hunter at Jingpu Tribe. We also visit cultural attractions, such as the National Museum of Prehistory and A-ZONE Cultural Park.

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Yilan, Hualien and Taitung 6D5N Private Tour

Join a vacation along the East coast of Taiwan, and learn why this area is frequently described as “the land of fine waters and fine mountains.”

This Yilan, Hualien, Taitung 5D4N Private Tour itinerary starts in Yilan where we join a DIY pottery class and relax by the verdant Lanyang Plains with tasty afternoon tea. After some sporty activities in Hualien, we head to Taitung, learn about tribe culture, hike along forests, and unwind in Jhihben hot springs.

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