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Sitou 2D1N Group Tour

Let Taiwan VIP Travel lead you into a deep forest bath. In this Sitou 2D1N Group Tour, take a deep breath of fresh air and embrace the beautiful woodland views.

This tour also features an eerie but funny tourist attraction, the Monster Village! We also visit Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden, a national designated historical site. The vacations ends at Gaomei Wetlands, where we admire a breathtaking beautiful sunset.

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Alishan, Sun Moon Lake and Sitou 6D5N Private Tour

Take a slow-paced relaxed vacation around the most serene destinations of Taiwan by joined our carefully crafted Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, and Sitou Forest 5D4N Private Tour for a peaceful Taiwan trip.

We will visit the calm waters of Sun Moon Lake, surrounded by beautiful mountains; Alishan is one of the most famous attractions of Taiwan; Sitou Forests are ideal for a high-oxygen forest bath; and the Gaomei Wetlands provide the most unforgettable sunset experience.

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