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Taroko 6D5N Private Tour

Taroko Gorge, Qinjing Farm and Gaomei Wetlands A 6 Day 5 Night Private Tour 跟着董事长慢游台湾,寻访全台最优美宁静的山水美景。阿里山、日月潭、溪头5天4夜尊爵订制旅游行程带您放松心情,在山明水秀的环境中享受清静的台湾假期。...

Matsu Islands 5D4N Private Tour

The Matsu Islands are located on the north point of Taiwan. Matsu has a unique calmness, people come here to escape the busy life, visit military attractions, stroll through historic villages and enjoy the salty ocean breeze.

Our Matsu 5D4N Private Tour offers a hassle-free vacation which includes the very best of Matsu. Learn about their history at Tunel88, Beihai Tunel, Dahan Stronghold and more; nature lovers will love hiking through Luoshan Trail, and meeting the cute Formosan Sika Deer of Daqiu Island.

Penghu 5D4N Private Tour

Listed as one of the “World’s Best Secret Islands” by Lonely Planet, the Penghu Islands are a great destination for an unusual beach vacation. The main attractions are the glorious geological wonders, including many types of basalt and natural caves. Interesting marine biology attracts animal lovers, especially bird-watchers who come here to seek over 200 species of birds.

During our Penghu 5D4N Private Tour, we also visit well preserved historic attractions, such as Erkan Historical Village and Penghu Old Street, to experience a nostalgic Taiwanese ambiance.

Kinmen 5D4N Private Tour

For nearly a half century, Kinmen was a battleground,but nowadays, the islands have become a top travel destination to enjoy unpolluted views and historical walks.

On this Kinmen 5D4N Private Tour, we have covered all the military attractions such as Zhaishan Tunnel and Ci Causeway. For architecture lovers,this trip not only includes strolls around historical villages such as Shanhou Village and Shuitou Settlement, but also invites you to spend a night in an authentic Minnan-styled house!

Kenting, Lamay Island, and Tainan 6D5N Private Tour

Kenting, Xiaoliuqiu and Tainan Explore Taiwan’s Southern Shoreline A 6 Day 5 Night Private Tour Get to know the south coast of Taiwan with our Kenting, Xiaoliuqiu, and Tainan 5D4N Private Tour. Kenting beaches are the...