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Wutai and Sandimen 2D1N Group Tour

Wutai and Sandimen 2D1N Group Tour gives you a deeper understanding about Taiwan indigenous culture. In this tour, you will visit Wutai Township, participate in some Rukai traditional activities, stroll around the story-telling Yanban Lane, and Wutai Presbyterian Church, which actually expresses some important spirits of this tribe.

After indulging yourself in the beauty of their cultures, you may want some authentic aboriginal cuisine. Therefore, we especially prepare a unique Rukai style feast and the Wutai must-eat dessert, Shenshan Aiyu Jelly, for you.

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Alangyi Trail and Kenting 3D2N Group Tour

Nature loverswill love our Alangyi Trail and Kenting 3D2N Group Tour. On this trip, you will recharge your energy with pure forest oxigen, admire the unpolluted coastline of Alangyi, and visit an authentic fishing tribe at Syuhai Village. At night, rest your muscles with Jhihben Hot Spring bath.

What’s more, Kenting is really full of excitement and thrill. Jeep Jumping, Dapeng Bay Sailing Base, and other aquatic activities are all included in this fabulous beach vacation!

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