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Buka Villa

The gate is the combination of auto door and bamboo fence. You go through a stretch of the gravelled path, then a …

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The House 15 Villa

“The House 15 Villa” ensures your absolute privacy, so just indulge yourself in the beauty of nature. In the afternoon, you…

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My Chateau

The aroma of wine pervades in the air. Visitors walking through the arbor, then a European style building come into view…

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Ocean Paradise Resort

The four bonded siblings own the beautiful piece of land together. They integrated the idea of environmental protection…

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Smokey Joe’s Hotel

The celebrated Amy’s Group to which Smokey Joe’s the restaurant chain is affiliated takes over the site o…

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866 Ocean View Villa

Located beside the Sailrock Beach, 866 Ocean View Villa is closed to some well-known tourist attractions, such as Eluanbi …

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Skyline B&B

Jia-Kun Wu, from Pingtung County, is the owner of Skyline BnB. After a trip to Scotland, the broad landscape there left an …

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