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Penghu 3D2N Group Tour

Penghu owns unique yet splendid columnar basalt scenery. What’s more, because of located in the intersection of monsoon and tide, it has rich marine life and thus attracts numerous migratory birds. Penghu 3D2N Group Tour will lead you exploring through these wonders, including Blue Cave, Qi-Mei Island, Niaoyu, and Dongji-Yu.

Besides those marvelous nature views, Penghu also has distinctive cultural features, such as Penghu Old Street and Penghu Living Museum, which will give you a deeper understanding about the local life.

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Penghu 5D4N Private Tour

Listed as one of the “World’s Best Secret Islands” by Lonely Planet, the Penghu Islands are a great destination for an unusual beach vacation. The main attractions are the glorious geological wonders, including many types of basalt and natural caves. Interesting marine biology attracts animal lovers, especially bird-watchers who come here to seek over 200 species of birds.

During our Penghu 5D4N Private Tour, we also visit well preserved historic attractions, such as Erkan Historical Village and Penghu Old Street, to experience a nostalgic Taiwanese ambiance.

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