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Plummy Yume

Meishan Township, also known as the Village of Plums, produces some of the most amazing plums in Taiwan. Even the Japanese…

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Yong-Fa Soy Sauce

When take a tour at Xingang, apart from the must visit Feng-Tian Temple, located on the same Ximin Road, the century old Ching…

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Happy Seafood Restaurant

Early in the morning, visitors will see that chefs and servers are busy with preparing the cuisine. Located beside Budai …

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Ho-Le Diner

Food culture plays a significant role when it comes to knowing a certain place’s history and lifestyle, especially when you …

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San-Men CafA�

There are 3 very unique aspects that stand out when you visit “San-Men Café.” Firstly, the café is built on a family owned fish…

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Uncle Sheep

At Uncle Sheep restaurant in Minxiong Township, lamb is prepared in a unique way. Inside the restaurant’s dimly lit earth …

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