Sea Lettuce Oceanview Home Stay

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Warm Feel at Home

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Not Planned But Not in the Least Untended

Opened in the summer of 2013, Sea Lettuce Oceanview Home Stay presents simple, clear, and bright style. The scenery of hills at the back and ocean in the front, plus the favorable price, makes it a new spot for a few family tourists. In the daytime, guest can sit on the wooden settee on the lawn, and take the afternoon at leisure; in the evening, the dim light penetrating inside and outside paints the scene with entirely different colors. Wooden elements are extensively used on the interior, producing the warmth and comfort of genuine home staying.

The hero behind all of these is the owner Yuan, Zhen-Guo, a.k.a. Kuo-Ge (literally Bro. Kuo). He jokes that if it were not for an old frienda��s invitation to Yanliao (i.e., the owner of Stuart Villa Wu,Yong-Qin), he would not ever think of running a homestay, and even devote himself to it. a�?I used to do construction business, but now I show up here every day, like working nine to five.a�? Out of character of openheartedness, he directly partitions a cottage as his private teahouse, brewing up a pot of tea, looking at the sea. Guests are welcomed to join him to have a cup of tea and small talk at all times.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Sea Lettuce Oceanview Home Staya��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Sea Lettuce Oceanview Home Staya��TaiwanDay

When asked about the wood-carved cattle all around, a�?I adore cattle; they are my Zodiac Animal, and I relate some of traits and temperament of cattle myself. My son is also born in the year of cattle so that I start to collect these works of art casually.a�? said Kuo-Ge. The same free and easy spirit is perfectly reflected on the naming of the home stay: at the time of the construction of the place, he happened to stop by Stuart Villa for a chat. Pointing incidentally to the seashore plant of the same name beside, thata��s it, Sea Lettuce is picked to name his home stay.

Raised Mattress Redoubles Comfort

Into the room of Sea Lettuce, there is not much decoration or embellishment. Besides plain whitewash walls, wooden floor, and bright ambient light, a separate small balcony is seen in each room, allowing guest to look far into the ocean. Simple but refined style of the home stay makes guests feel as comfortable as at own home. Especially, on the drift wood settee in each room, cattle are carved with varying postures along the grain; wardrobe, side table, etc. are also made of drift wood, exhibiting unique style. Moreover, the mattress is specially raised and cushioned with a layer of the thick pad. Such comfort once relieved a suffering guest from insomnia. Feeling the want to eat? In addition to popular bowls of instant noodles, packs of snacks like Rueisuei Milk Nougat Candy, Science Noodles, etc., are available choice of souvenirs for guests.


Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Sea Lettuce Oceanview Home Staya��TaiwanDay