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The top-private paradise

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A Top-Class Villa Made by Professional

Filled with leisurely cozy atmosphere, Villa Caesar Park Hotel Kenting invited a�?a�?C.Y. Lee & Partners,a��a�� who designed the Expo 2010 Taiwan pavilion to devise three high-class villas of Bali style in 2011. With different colors and styles, they integrated three concepts, a�?a�?wind (Villa Vali),a��a�� a�?a�?mountain (Villa Gade)a��a�� and a�?a�?water (Villa Yala)a��a�� into the design. Each villa occupies 500 square feet, with their separate entrance and exclusive place. The two-storey building allows two master bedrooms have their own space to enjoy. You can have fun with your family or friends without disturbing each other.

Take a�?a�?Villa VaLia��a�� for example, the designer integrates fashionable elements into the villa, which makes them more modern. An opening-bar is located on the first floor where a simple white square table and bar stools let the space looks more elegant. Sitting here and having afternoon tea, you can feel that you are more graceful. As for interior space, with colorful bean bag chair, pillow and bedside lamp, which makes villa more playful. Spacious bathroom makes all girls have a luxury enjoyment.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Villa Caesar Park Hotel Kentingi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Villa Caesar Park Hotel Kentingi??TaiwanDay

A Personal Housekeeper Service

Step out of the room, jumping into the swimming pool with blue sky to feel ice-cold. Or, keeping a book and staying in pavilion for whole day. With the view of Mt. Dajian and starry sky. Ita��s so romantic! Besides, the villa also provides a personal housekeeper service, you can have room service immediately just a call away. Such a top enjoyment, what are you waiting for? Bring your family or friends to the south of Taiwan and experience private holiday time!

a�?a�?Villa VaLi,a��a�� which occupies 500 square feet with two stories, having a large living room, modern high dining table, exclusive bedroom, huge bathtub and shower room on the first floor; while on the second floor, they have independent living room and bedroom, shower room, outdoor bathtub, separate balcony and deck chair. Besides, guests will have their own swimming pool, Jacuzzi, swing and pavilion. They also provide fruit juice for free on the first floora��s mini bar and some desserts, such as fruit, chocolate, macaroon and walnut crisp.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Villa Caesar Park Hotel Kentingi??TaiwanDay