Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Village

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In such a wonderful morning, we head to Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Village from Taipei. The operator of this tribe, Kwali, is waiting at the entrance before our arrival. Visitors are divided into two groups. One group of people firstly enters the tribe by taking a jeep. While waiting for the jeep, the other group leisurely walks along the beautiful Han-Xi Suspension Bridge and immerses in the surrounding misty mountain views.

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Astonished by the taste of freshly picked mushroom

On the way to the village, Kwali shows us those mushrooms they cultivate. For the sake of natural environment conversation, the harvest quantity would not be high. The whole cultivating process, from perforating on logs, inoculating with mushroom spawn, regular inspection, to ultimately mushroom harvest, takes 8 to 10 month.

While making some brief introductions, Kwali picks some fresh mushroom for visitors and wants them to try. Visitors may be uncertain whether to taste or not, but after having the first bite, we are all surprised by the deliciousness of these freshly picked mushrooms.

After stepping into this tribe, you will see some goats leisurely grazing on spacious grassland and some thatched cottages, which are surrounded by endless green mountains. Tribe people lead us to the place where they usually meet. Visitors enjoy pork skewers and join interesting barbecue activities. After the meal is done, savoring luscious pork meat with rice wine would be a pleasant way to experiecne authentic aboriginal culture.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Villagei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Villagei??TaiwanDay

Excellent Aboriginal weaving skills

According to the mountain terrain, the tribe could be separated into several areas, including dining area, cooking area, accommodation area, livestock raising area, wine brewing area, weaving area, cultivation area, and hunting area. People visiting this tribe have no fixed itinerary; all activities are scheduled by the daya��s weather. On the day, we firstly visit weaving area. Here we see a 70-year-old grandma weaving. After the process of extracting fibers and making them ropes, ramie could finally turn to be weaving materials. At the past, only women who had weaving skills could tattoo on their face; the more tattoos they had, the greater skills they owned. To those tribe people, millet brings them a better life and weaving makes women more beautiful. After we going back to the dining area, warmhearted residents already prepared some cup of hot spring water for us to take a relief.

Dancing and drinking with great delight

While visitors eating and drinking, Kawli makes some guitar performances and other indigenous people sing with the music. Gradually, this leisure activity reaches its climax when Kawli plays the mouth harp and invites all visitors to dance together. He leads visitors to enjoy wine with tribe people in an interesting way. Guests drink rice wine face by face. The whole room filled with joyous ambiance and all participants own a wonderful time.

This one day trip at Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Village is undoubtedly worthwhile. Kawli and other tribe people give us a hearty hospitality by their enthusiasm, singing, and dancing. After this gorgeous tour, we realize that there is such an incredible place in Taiwan. Residents live in a self-sufficient way and are satisfied with their life, passionate about their life, and willing to share it with others. It is truly lucky that I have the chance to travel around here and I hope that one day you could feel this kind of pleasure.

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