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Ita��s all Japanese!

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It is amazing to find such a place at the center of the bustling Grand Taipei City. Beitou Museum Restaurant is a Japanese style building that specializes in Japanese cuisine. Dining here and enjoying the tranquility is as if you are in Japan, having a little date with its fabulous Kaiseki cuisine.

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Little Kyoto in Taipei

Beitou Museum is the only all-wooden two-story-building in Taiwan. The main building and an independent building on its side, Tao Ran House, are both made from Cypress. Yi Ran House, a restaurant inside the museum, provides Kaiseki cuisine and Japanese afternoon tea. Seminars regarding tea and kimono are often held at Daguangjien, on the second floor, or other grand banquets.
Even though the museum restaurant serves only lunch and afternoon tea, Yi Ran House and Daguangjien offer block-booking dinners as well. For block-booking on weekdays, the lowest price is at NTD$20,000 for Yi Ran House; for block-booking on weekends, it is NTD$35,000 for both Yi Ran House and Daguangjien. According to the museum staff, many international boutiques have been their product launch events at Daguangjien.


Pretty and healthy set menu

Beitou Museum was designated as a historical site by the Taipei City Government in 1998. It is therefore forbidden to fry or parch in the building. All cuisine is steamed, boiled, or baked, so it is less greasy and refreshing. For those extremely strict with their diets, the healthy food is another attraction apart from the great scenery and environment.

Taiwan Traveli?sFoods - Beitou Museum Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sFoods - Beitou Museum Restauranti??TaiwanDay

This time, I had its spring set menu. First on the table was Beitou Jiashan Tofu,. Made from peanuts, eggs, and sesame, the tofu served with cabbage sprouts and Japanese sauce. The kind of sweet and sour flavors match perfectly together. Following the tofu are some creative delicacies a�� tomatoes and pears soaked in apple vinegar, served with vegetable fern and squids. a�?Octopus with white soupa�? is octopus cooked with red beans and served with bamboo fungus. a�?Wine steamed fresh fish with seaweeda�? is fresh fish cooked with high quality Japanese seaweeds. a�?Scallops towera�? is another gastronomic breakthrough as scallops are served with French white sauce. a�?White fish steamed ricea�? adds seaweed sauce into half-cooked, and then steamed until fully cooked. It tastes like sticky rice but less greasy, served with mushrooms and cloves fish. a�?Authentic chicken stewa�? is boned chicken cooked with apples. At last, there is a�?Sweet olive almond yogurt,a�? almond yogurt served with sweet olive jam. It is refreshing and healthy, which makes a perfect ending for the meal.