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Differing from other regular farm entryways, a gate is installed at the entrance of Bamboo House stopping cars from entering the premise.

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This is used to control the flow of traffic, but it also ensures the safety of the visitors. Once visitors enter the village, they will see a tower constructed entirely from bamboo with a patch of grass at its base. Children may play on this grass area safely. The pavilions are also constructed out of makeshift bamboos. With all these intricate bamboo creations, visitors look forward to what the restaurant has to offer.

Chinese yams with passionfruit dressing is a dish where yams are cut in strips, laid on a bed of pea sprouts, then topped with passionfruit dressing; a refreshing entree full of flavor. Especially popular dishes are the crispy-skinned urn-roasted chicken dipped in a boiled-down chicken broth, pickled bamboo, and fish with tender tofu and bamboo shoot, and braised pork with bamboo shoots; a dish where braised pork is laid on top of dried bamboo in a bamboo saucer, where the bamboo soaks up the pork juice. There are many dishes that go well with rice, such as bamboo with XO sauce, stir-fried water spinach with bamboo, and the final touch for a perfect meal: bamboo pork rib soup. The soup infused with glycerol washes down all excess grease, leaving you feeling completely satisfied.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Bamboo Housei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Bamboo Housei??TaiwanDay

There are also tasty pineapple cakes to savor at the village. Using a combination of French butter and American cheese, delicious shortbread combined with pineapple slow-brewed on a fire, enable you to taste both the fruits and fibers when taking a bite. Families and small groups of 4 can also participate in the DIY pineapple cake making sessions at the Tong Yao stores.