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Purely Exotic

In every corner of Bali Bali, guests are welcome to space out and enjoy the scenery. Here you will find the mountain is still, water is flowing, the sky is blue and the landscape is green. During the daytime, you can hear Bali folk music and birds singing in the woods. At night, you will hear the insects chirping and frogs croaking. Because it is higher than the surrounding land, you can overlook the scenery in Puli, Renai, Yuchi as well as the spectacular Shuishe Great Mountain. Sunshine and moisture are most abundant in the mountains. Sometimes the fog makes the mountains faintly discernible. It is extremely gorgeous.

Liang Zheng Bin, who was born and bred in Taiwan, is the owner of Bali Bali. He traveled around islands of the Philippines and neighboring country, Indonesia at an early age. Since then he has been infatuated with the beautiful scenery and leisure lifestyle in Southeast Asia. That is the reason why he wants to start an exotic bed and breakfast.A� At first, his family didna��t support him. He made great efforts to prove his determination.A� He was involved with all the construction, including planning of construction project, picking building material and supervising the building work. Whata��s more, he imported the furniture, cane products, decorations and finishing material from Bali. What he did aimed to create an Indonesian style bed and breakfast. Karaoke and all kinds of DIY activities are not offered here because it is a great place to come and do absolute nothing.


Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Bali Balia��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Bali Balia��TaiwanDay

Enjoy the Enchanting Scenery and Stargazing on Open-Air Balcony

The guest room features solid wood flooring, bed frame, wardrobe, and cane furniture to create a comfortable atmosphere. In addition, a beautiful bathroom can offer you to enjoy a majestic mountain setting. The bathroom features stacked slab walls stone textures and a stacked stone SPA tub. In particular, the handmade stone carving and seashell sink are also from Bali. A separate open-air balcony is another feature. Whata��s more, a quad room with panoramic view of 270A�offers you to watch the sea of clouds at sunrise and beautiful sunrise in the evening. Staying on the round balcony enables you to overlook the majestic mountains and the endless betel nut trees. It is the most welcome room type.

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First, they will serve you a hot fresh mushroom soup to warm your stomach and the salty and light sweet Indonesian fried noodles come after. In the poolside dining area, guests can enjoy southeastern style breakfast and listen to the Bali music along with a gurgling stream. Moreover, the glittering pool water and dark green landscape create an atmosphere of leisure. Even dining can be so easy and comfortable in Bali Bali.

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Bali Balia��TaiwanDay