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Creative Hakka Cuisine

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Smell of coffee and local flavors

The Bafang Hakka Restaurant, now on its 16th year of business, not only contains a traditional Hakka Sanhe Yuan, but also the European, a�?Farmer House CafA�a�? built 2 years ago next to a pond, adding a sense of local meets exotic to the place. A�Even on a typical workday, the parking lot is full.

Utilizing a traditional Taiwanese look for the interior, the place is decorated with things collected by the female owner. Abacus hung on the wall, wooden tables and benches for furniture, as well as the newly opened handmade workshop where fermented bean curd souvenir are wrapped in Hakka printed fabric, all create a very Hakka feel to the place.

The Farmer House CafA� is operated by the son who has a degree in Food and Beverage. This shows in his careful selecting of coffee beans and the light meals offered. Not only can you experience traditional Hakka cuisine here, you can also enjoy a European style cafA� where east meets west, making it a vibrant place of color.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Bafang Hakka Restaurant i??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Bafang Hakka Restaurant i??TaiwanDay

More tasty without the spices

The Bafang Hakka Restaurant differs from other Hakka cuisines in that most of the dishes are stewed or pressure cooked to give a lighter flavor. A great variety of experimentation in which ingredients were constantly replaced allowed for the flavors to evolve. Duck stuffed with lotus seeds uses a 3kg female muscovy duck, first thoroughly cleaned before being stuffed with lotus seeds, then slow-cooked for over 3 hours. The duck looks firm upon being presented, but once pierced with chopsticks, the meat falls right off the bone. Since the dish requires time to prepare, only limited amounts are offered each day. The healthy fern salad, a refreshing sweet and sour dish, uses homemade plum juice poured onto ferns, first blanched then cooled in ice water, finished with sprinkles of dried bonito flakes. Braised pork with purple rice, the ownera��s very own recipe, is a dish in which the rice is first cooked and added with spices. Cut slices of pork are then fried and stuffed with purple rice before being braised. Winter gourd uniquely combined with cabbage and dried shrimp, is a dish that looks simple, but actually, takes a whole day to bring out the right flavor.

Hakka salted pork belly uses pork belly marinated overnight in star anise, shallots, ginger garlic, oil and other spices, steamed until tender, then fried to firm the meat. Dip it in the ownera��s special garlic vinegar sauce, and the salty sourness of the meat will enliven your taste buds. The Bafang Beef Pot is the most sought after dish by diners, which uses beef briskets, tendons, and napa cabbage. Although it looks rich at first glance, it is really a light and tasty dish. Bafang Nest is a sweet and salty dessert tart made from fresh milk and egg whites, covered in a kind of ham and taro paste, the bottom representing the nest and finishing this sweet and savory dish. Dried-radish chicken soup is a healthy dish. Using aged radishes kept for 20-30 years, the dried radish is cooked on low heat with fresh white radishes to create sweetness, then added with clams right before being served.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Bafang Hakka Restaurant i??TaiwanDay