Granny Wanga��s Oyster Noodles

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Recommended delicacy: incredibly fresh and sweet

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Granny Wanga��s Oyster Noodlesi??TaiwanDay

The spacious intertidal zone on the north and west coast on Kinmen is great for oyster farming. Kinmena��s oysters may be smaller in size, but owing to the ebb and flow of the tides as if taking natural sauna, they taste incredibly sweet, fresh, and with no offensive smells. With the perfect time, place, and people, oysters became one of Kinmena��s specialty.

All popular delicacies at Granny Wanga��s have something to do with the oysters, such as fried oyster pancakes, oyster noodles, oyster and seaweed soupa��etc. Apart from that, Sorghum wine-flavored sausages are another highly-recommended delight. All oysters used at Granny Wanga��s are wild grown oysters in the waters around Kinmen. They have relatively less fishy smell. The noodles used to cook the oyster noodles are also manufactured locally. They taste extremely better than other stores.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Granny Wanga��s Oyster Noodlesi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Granny Wanga��s Oyster Noodlesi??TaiwanDay

Oyster noodles
Not at all petty in using oysters. Scoop a spoon-full and you find no end to the oysters. Ita��s a very genuine bowl of oyster noodles! Besides the sweetness of the noodles, there are Kinmena��s special local-made noodles. The two match perfectly with each other. Those who have tasted this delicacy cannot forget how delicious it is

Fried oyster pancakes
There are little powdery bits, and the main ingredients are oysters and eggs. It doesna��t look quite as luxurious as the oyster pancakes you get in Taiwan, but the ingredients used, such as leek and oysters are of absolute high-quality. Put the fresh and soft oysters into your month, served with sweet and sour sauce, you just want to order another one!