Traditional Art Villa

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Relax and enjoy a peaceful break.

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Landscaping design shows respect for nature.

Located in a vast rice field, Traditional Art Villa is surrounded by a Southeast Asian style garden. In front of the grey and white, a classy main building is a pond where guests can go fishing or rowing. Drift wood decorations and swings add a unique touch to this place, showing the ownera��s respect for nature. Upon entering the house, you can feel the bright light and see the handcrafted colorful sandblasted glass behind the front desk and around the staircase handrail. A steel wall dA�cor depicting the Turtle Island reflects local fishermena��s life.

Traditional Art Villa is close to many of Yilan’s famous attractions, such as the National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA)A�and Dong Shan River Park. The owner of Traditional Art Villa also runs a shrimp fishing place nearby. Just a short walk away from the Villa, guests can enjoy the fun of catching fresh water shrimp, grilling the catch, and eating it on the site. For those who prefer indoor relaxing moments, there is a large lounge area on the first floor and two activity spaces on the second floor. You can spend quality time here with your family or friends without going out. This place is simple and will make you feel like home.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Traditional Art Villai??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Traditional Art Villai??TaiwanDay

Theme guestrooms give different atmosphere.

Traditional Art Villa has high ceilings and wood flooring. Inside the rooms, guests can see vast rice fields out the window. Each room is designed to offer a different feel, which is made possible by different color schemes, well-thought-out designs, and stylish furnishings. Two newly furnished pond-view rooms feature old-fashioned lighting. Guests who stay in these pond-view rooms can enjoy beautiful pond views while lounging at the cafA� area.

Healthy breakfast with congee and 7 dishes

The breakfast of the Traditional Art Villa is a WOW for many guests. It is complete with congee and seven tasty side dishes. The side dishes may include shrimp salad, steamed whitebait, fried dried bean curds, cold seaweed salad, sugarcane-smokedA�duck with scallion, omelet with dried radish, creamed king oyster mushrooms, rice and yam congee, herbal jelly, just to name a few. All breakfast food served here is prepared by the ownera��s wife. Homegrown fresh dragon fruits, pure watermelon juice, and coffee are also served. a�?We hope that even late breakfast eaters can start their day off with a complete meal, not a self-service buffet with limited food available in the late morning.a�?

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Traditional Art Villai??TaiwanDay