Slow is right

Overall environment★★★★
Lodging environment★★★★
Food and beverages★★★★


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There is no rush when you stay in Adagio. Slow down your pace, and take your time. Adagio faces the ocean, while the mountains of Hualien stand firmly at its back. The constantly changing weather of the east coast of Taiwan brings Adagio blue skies, white clouds, miserable gray and hot sunny days altogether. Traveling becomes simple as you arrive in Adagio. There is sea at its east and mountains at the west. There are no complicated roads, only one leading out Shitiping. Travel along the Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway, and find yourself at the doorstep of two aboriginal tribes. You can also travel north to the port of Shitiping, where the bustling fish market is located.

Traveler’s home

Known as its northern counterpart, Yehliu Geopark, located on the north coast of Taiwan, Shitiping has a variety of rocks standing on its beach. All the different shapes of rocks create different sounds as the waves wash ashore and splash upon the grand display of nature. The sound of the waves is non-stop, no matter you’re on the beach or on the balcony of Adagio. Even at night, when the starry sky lay on visitors’ eyes, they still whisper in the distance. Adagio runs with the concept that it is the traveler’s home. This is why the location is so convenient, while the living room, kitchen and the study are all designed to be comfortable and relaxing. It is the owner’s hope that travelers feel at home when they set foot in Adagio.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Adagio│TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Adagio│TaiwanDay

Lay back and relax

Teddy bears are the mascots for Adagio’s guest rooms. Staff members always arrange that the teddy bears sit shoulder to shoulder on the bed, hoping to provide a warm greeting for the guests. The only thing you must do here is to look at the ocean and think about nothing at all. Make yourself a cup of tea and lay back on the sofa on the balcony. Let slow-living become part of life. You can also sit around, read and puzzle in the living room and study. What can be nicer in life than such relaxing time?



Service hours start from 18:30
(Reservation is required.)
*Menu content varies with season

Adagio cares not only just the way you live and travel but also what you eat. With local ingredients and professional gastronomic skills, Adagio aims to provide its guests one of the best culinary experiences.

Assorted Sashimi: Fresh sea fish delivered from the port daily, cut neatly into sashimi, with slightly roasted squid, and homemade Vietnam spring rolls.

Tofu seaweed soup: Locally made tofu mixed with fish meat, and served with famous local seaweed.

Tribal delicacy: Rice ball with peeled chili and ginger, served with homemade millet wine. This is a very traditional dish.

Baked fish: Type of fish depends on the day’s catch. Its freshness is inexplicable.

Blanched vegetables: Adagio provides three to four kinds of seasonal vegetables for the guests to blanch.

Chicken soup with Margaret Rotang Palm seeds: Margaret Rotang Palm seeds taste like bamboo shoots, but with a bitter flavor. It adds depth to the delicious chicken soup.

Amei sweetheart: Traditional millet mocha, chewier than regular mocha, has a special flavor. Locals call it Doolon.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Adagio│TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Adagio│TaiwanDay

Afternoon Tea

*Desserts may vary with season
Service hours: 14:30 to 16:30
Taro cake made with local grown taros, iced aiyu jelly, black tea, vanilla water, coffee, homemade biscuits, panna cotta, fresh fruits, and alcohol.

Nine-square box breakfast

Service hours: 08:00 to 09:30
Dried flying fish and wild boar meat stew, flying fish sausage, bitter gourd, chayote, fried eggs with green onions or steamed eggs with flying fish, and fresh fish soup. Almost 80 percent of the ingredients are from local farmers. Vegetable and fish vary by seasonal changes. Seaweed sauce is homemade, which you can even taste the fibers of the seaweed. There are also porridge, drinks, fruits, and dumplings.